Here Are the Things Your Vagina Doesn’t Like, But You Do Almost Every Day

Most women are unaware that their vaginal health can be seriously affected by some very common gestures. Here are the things your vagina doesn’t like but you do every day!

Your vagina, like any other part of your body needs attention and proper care. Having good personal hygiene is certainly very essential for a healthy vagina, but some gestures adopted by many women may represent a real danger to the most sensitive and the most intimate part of their body.
Here are 4 things you are doing every day, but are not good for your vagina:

  1. Excess of personal hygiene

An excess of hygiene can bring more harm than good to your vagina. Most women use all sorts of products, thinking that this is the ideal way to maintain good personal hygiene. This is completely wrong because these products are not suitable for your private parts and disturb the natural flora of the vagina causing the proliferation of fungi and inflammation. According to the experts, pure water is the best thing to use for your personal hygiene.

  1. Daily use of tampons

According to the gynecologists, tampon use can greatly affect your vaginal health. The tampons increase the risk of infections and toxic shock syndrome, a disease that is manifested by the growth of bacteria in the vagina and the cervix resulting in secretion of toxins and damage of the reproductive system.

  1. Tight clothes

Tight pants and jeans prevent the vagina to breathe normally. This type of clothing causes moisture and friction of the private parts, thus creating a favorable environment for bacterial growth. In addition, the underwear made from unnatural synthetic products negatively impacts the vaginal health promoting vaginal fungal growths. Recall that during the summer the risk of vaginal infections multiplies, so do not keep your wet swimsuit on, because it can lead to appearance of fungi, itching and infections. Opt for more lose clothes and natural fabrics like cotton.

  1. Use of detergents

Detergents and softeners improve the smell and texture of the clothes, but also can be dangerous to your health, including your vagina because they irritate the skin of the genitals. Choose hypoallergenic detergents suitable for sensitive skin or use soap to clean your underwear.

  1. Opt for probiotics

Probiotics are extremely beneficial for your vaginal health because they contain healthy bacteria that protect the vaginal flora and help prevent infection and proliferation of fungi and fungal infections. To fully benefit from probiotics, encourage consumption of fermented milk products from goat milk like yogurt and kefir, which are abundant in bacteria. Recall that fermented dairy products are highly recommended if you are taking antibiotics. This type of medication weakens the intestinal and vaginal flora, hence the need to provide the body with good bacteria to balance its pH and restore the natural flora.