Do You Think Urinating in the Shower is Disgusting?! You Will Change Your Mind After Reading This!!

Many people urinate in the shower and many are also those who do not want to confess. Urinating is a taboo subject for most of us and it is even considered to be very disgusting but everybody does it every day.

In reality, it would even be beneficial to urinate in the shower and we propose to discover the reasons in this article.

Urine is a liquid substance that is produced by the kidneys. It helps eliminate toxins from our bodies. The urine is contained in the bladder, but if it is not expelled by urination it can cause many health problems such as the appearance of cystitis, urinary retention or cramps.

The more the color of your urine is clear the more it will mean that you have perfectly hydrated yourself, on the other hand if the color of your urine is dark it means that you do not drink enough water.

Here are 4 reasons why you should urinate in the shower without feeling guilty

1. To save money

Indeed, urinating in the shower is a very ecological act because it will save water. Indeed when we flush the toilette the water is wasted for nothing. Knowing that we flush the toilet about 6 times a day this is an average of 100 gallons of wasted water per year.

2. It is an excellent natural disinfectant

If you find yourself in a situation where a wound has become infected and you have no way of curing yourself, do not hesitate to use urine as it will protect you from infection.

3. For skin problems

If you are a victim of eczema, psoriasis or rashes, the urine will soon become your ally because it can cure them.

4. To eliminate mycosis of the feet

When a fungus appears on your skin or on the nails of your feet do not hesitate to apply urine on them as this will promote their healing.

The star Madonna even confessed in a documentary made on the superpowers of urine that she practices this method to treat mycoses.


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