If You Are Thinking About Getting a Flu Shot This Year, You Should Definitely Read This First!

The debate about the flu shots never ends. Believe it or not, some experts are against it and they say it is worse than the actual flu you might get.

On the other hand, every year we are witnessing big propaganda from the pharmaceutical companies, medical specialists, and mainstream media which promote the flu vaccine. In fact, these vaccines are causing serious side-effects due to the chemicals they contain. This article will actually give you 8 reasons why flu vaccines are actually very harmful for your health.

  1. Mercury

Flu vaccines contain strains of flu virus which is something that people are not told about. Also they contain very dangerous chemicals such as mercury. This toxic compound causes depression, heart disease, amnesia oral health problems, problems with respiratory system, ADD, and many other serious health issues.

  1. Vulnerability to pneumonia

People that already have health problems could actually worsen the situation by injecting the flu vaccine. Once the immune system is suppressed the vaccine will eventually increase the danger of being infected with stronger symptoms such as pneumonia or contagious diseases.

  1. Getting ill

The flu vaccine is actually the flu virus rather than being immunizing compound that will protect your body from infections.

  1. Narcolepsy

The flu vaccine causes narcolepsy which is considered to be chronic sleep disorder. This finding was first time confirmed in 2009, and the study compared 3.3 million vaccinated Swedes with 2.5 million not vaccinated people. The results showed that youngest vaccinated people have been at highest danger of narcolepsy.

  1. Weakens the immune system

By injecting the vaccine you can damage the immunological responses and get other infections.

  1. Neurological disorders

The vaccine is definitely linked with damage of the immunological responses and could expose your health to other infections. It has been found that these vaccines are causing the development of GBS which is condition that consists of irreversible nerve damage and paralysis.

  1. Alzheimer’s disease

There are reports that show the flu vaccine has caused development of Alzheimer’s disease. Older people if take the shot will damage their immune system and could lead to other serious illnesses.

  1. Danger for children under the age of 1

Children have been very sensitive to neurotoxic breach of the delicate switchboard that surrounds the brain and the nerve system. Try to avoid giving it to children.