This 9-Year-Old “Sells” His Custom Pet Paintings for Food and Supplies for Animal Shelters

The young population can really amaze us with all its inventions and benevolence they show at young age. They can think of things that adults cannot see clear and thus help the community.

One such example is a Russian boy named Pavel Bramov who is only 9 years old. He is a great lover of animals and his love and appreciation to them got even bigger when he lost his loving pet, Barsik. He couldn’t see any other animal to suffer like his pet and started to sell his paintings in exchange for food and supplies that he donated to an animal shelter.

The idea coming from Pavel with the help of his mother Ekaterina Bolshakova, was later on developed in the “Kind Paintbrush” project.

Both of them run a group on Russian social media site, VK, named “What a little volunteer is capable of?” They hope through this page to incite other philanthropic young people in doing something good as well.

Pavel and his mother are working alone and do not have either a manager or employees. They have some patrons, but do not receive any funds from any organization.

Here it is how they work:

Pavel paints custom pet portraits of the pets of other pet owners, and the payment is based on exchange for food, medicines, toys, etc., designated for the dogs in the animal shelter.

All these supplies go to the animal shelter in Arzamas and that is one of a kind in this area. This animal shelter takes care of more than 100 dogs. Pavel is there the youngest volunteer, and his supplies are more than welcomed.

The pet owners to whom Pavel gives the paintings commonly have adopted a pet from the shelter and Pavel is always interested to hear their rescue story and to meet the pet with his current family.

This project was highly welcomed from all animal lovers in Russia, but thanks to the wonders of internet, his page went viral and many people across the world liked this idea. Pavel has made custom pet portraits for people from Spain and Germany.

Here it is what the shelter receives from each portrait:

Jesse’s portrait has brought 7kgs of offal and 3kgs of buckwheat.

Basi’s portrait was purchased by Natalia for 10kgs of fetched buckwheat and 10kgs of pearl barley.

Chuck’s portrait value was 10 cans of canned dog food, 5kgs of buckwheat and skin medicine.

Ksyusha’s portrait was exchanged for 6kgs of buckwheat, canned dog food, bandages and some medicines.

The group painting of Tuzik, Rex, Lusya, and Keks has provided a packet of dry food, canned beef, milk, cereals, and some trimmings.

His mother and his close family are very much proud of Pavel and his efforts.

Ekaterina said:

Our family is proud of his wonderful project. His days are scheduled to minutes, he wants to do absolutely everything, there is just not enough time.”

Pavel is not different from his peers and often runs short of time, but what makes him different is his volunteering work and the dream to become an architect and thus build an animal shelter.

Having in mind that he started very early with such amazing volunteering work, it is more than likely that he will succeed all of it.