This Boy Scout Designs 3D Ear Guards to Help Medical Workers

COVID-19 affected the whole world and this is something that we never thought would occur, but in these difficult times we need to be united and well-disciplined if we want to beat this virus. The preventive measure of the Government must be followed as that is our way to help to the people who are on the front-line, the medical staff. They are fighting with the virus every day helping the infected patients, so if we keep our distance of 2m we are in fact helping them with less infected people.

While helping the patients the medical staff must wear protective gear consisted of 3 to 4 layers, which use after the long day leaves marks on their faces and in some cases rashes and wounds. When they remove their masks they look like they have come from a battle field, so every inventive method to protect their skin is highly welcomed.

Children can be really creative and they are also vastly affected by this situation, but one Boy Scout from Canada found a way how to help the medical staff.

Quinn Callander is 13 years old, but no matter of his age he wanted to help the medical people in their fight against the coronavirus. He used his 3D printing skills and designed 3D ear guards that will protect the skin around the ears and thus prevent the pain that the medical staff experiences every day.

He printed 3D guards preventing any cutting of the skin behind the ear area. Namely, the guards connect the straps keeping the mask secured but since they are higher above the ears the skin does not get rubbed preventing any possible irritation.

They are easily adjustable fitting every person and offering the needed comfort. This young boy did not think twice when he posted his creation online so that anyone can make one. His creation can be downloaded from the open-source 3D printing community Thingiverse and thus craft ear guards.

The invention of Quinn was shared by his mother, Heather, on Facebook and the photos became viral, with over 462K shares.

She wrote:

“Quinn answered a request from the local hospitals for help with creating more ‘ear guards’ to help take the pressure off health care workers ears from wearing masks all day. He got busy on his 3D printer and has been turning out dozens of ear guards to donate.”

The medical staff highly appreciated this invention, and one of them wrote on Facebook:

“As someone who works in healthcare I can say that this is fantastic! When we wear them constantly all day everyday, they actually start to cut into the back of our ears.”

In a week, Quinn made 1300 guards that he delivered personally to several local hospitals, “where they seem to be really appreciated.”

For better delivery he teamed up with a Vancouver BC volunteer organization and with their help he managed to deliver over 3300 straps.
Heather encourages other people to make these ear guards so that the hospitals have enough of them:

“We need more volunteers to fire up their 3D printers and donate these ear guards to hospitals and medical professionals!”

Quinn’s creation is of great help for all medical professionals and thanks to its use they are feeling a little bit of relief after the long use of the protective gear. What we can say, children can really amaze us with their honesty and eagerness to help the people who have become our true heroes?