This Can Explain Why There Are So Many Benefits to Living Near Grandmas

Having a granny or granddad is of great value in a person’s life. Their presence enriches in every sense the childhood of a person, and if you have been privileged to experience a presence of a grandparent in your life, then you are more than aware of its blessing.

Grandparents love their grandchildren, especially grandmas who cook for them and take care of them when parents are not capable of it. They are of immense help when the parents experience difficult times and offer the needed support and love for their grandchildren.

If you had the experience of having a grandma in your childhood, then it is most likely that you have vivid and pleasant memories of her voice, laugh and life stories, traditions, and home décor. Many people who had this experience grieve a lot after the death of a grandparent as its influence in their lives was huge.

According to Current Biology grandmothers greatly impact the lives of mothers and their children. On this issue were released two studies revealing the importance of grandparents in the upbringing of the children.

The first study focused on the history of Finland, an area that is now Quebec, Canada, and the role of grandmothers in these populations. The presence of a grandmother influenced the family size. Namely, people who lived far away from their parents had fewer children and the ones who lived closer to them had their first babies at younger ages. Plus, the rate of child mortality cases was significantly lower.

The second study focused on the influence of grandmas in the preindustrial Finish people in the period of 1731 – 1895. In this period women had more children when a grandma lived nearby, and the chances of survival of toddlers was higher by 30%.

In this modern way of living, the role of the grandmother is undermined and even not existent. Most couples who have children tend to live farther from their parents as a result of their poor or strained relationship.

Plus, many people continue to work in their 60’s and 70’s and because of that they cannot offer any emotional and financial support. But, the presence of a grandparent in a child’s life is of great value and even though the financial support or emotional stability is not as it used to be, an extra set of hands and warm hugs are highly welcomed. Your children will be blessed if you have tolerable parents that will read to them the most interesting stories, and offer great affection. These days will be probably the best days in the life of your child.

According to Susan Newman, a social psychologist and author of “Little Things Mean a Lot: Creating Happy Memories with Your Grandchildren” states that grandparents have great power in calming distressed children, especially when they are ailing. Plus, they are the best mates for your children because they trust them and feel safe when their grandparents are next to them.  Children know that the grandparent will always be on their side and be more patient with them than the parents themselves.

The presence of grandparents in the childhood will offer safety, stability, wisdom, and great fun time. Likewise, grandparents benefit a lot with the socialization with their grandchildren, their need for company will be fulfilled offering them great joy and fulfillment just being around their grandchildren. This will for sure fight off the possible depression, and keep their minds clear and sharp for a long period of time. Both generations will socially interact by playing various board games, cook or simply visit the playgrounds enjoying the fresh air.