This Deaf Guy Adopted a Deaf Rescue Puppy and Taught Him Sign Language

Many people have realized that it is better to adopt a dog and offer it a nice home than to pay for it and boast about its pedigree. There are many pets in the shelters that need to be saved and being offered the love and care as any other being.

Yet, people tend to choose the dogs from the shelters that are still young and somehow avoid adopting the ones that are old and disabled dogs. They do this because they believe that these pets require special attention and they do not have enough time for that, but they do not know how rewarding it can be.

Nick Abbott, 31, resident of Maine, decided to adopt a dog from the shelter with a disability of deafness. For Nick this was not an issue as he himself was deaf as well. He thought that both of them would be the perfect match.

Emerson is the name of the shelter dog that was freed from a Florida shelter when he was a month and a half old. This happened thanks to assistance of the staff at the NFR Maine. They said that Emerson had a particularly tough past. He was found on the streets with his siblings, but soon after accepted in the shelter he started to have seizures. He was hospitalized, but he contracted a case of parvo, a highly contagious viral illness that can be manifested in an intestinal or cardiac form.

Lindsay Powers, a volunteer at the NFR Maine stated that they have discovered his deafness after he came back from the vet. They cannot state for sure if he was born with a hearing impairment or he got it as result of an accident when he was a puppy.

Adopted. Update 3/14: Emerson is still looking for his forever home 🙁 please keep sharing this sweet boy deserves…

Posted by Lindsay Powers on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Nonetheless, she decided that Emerson should have a chance for adoption and she posted him on social media, and after few weeks, Abbott called them to ask about Emerson.

He told them that he was also deaf, and did not mind his disability and in less than 24 hours, the adoption procedure was done.

The connection between Nick and Emerson was almost immediate they developed such strong bond as if they were meant to be together. Nick’s mother was highly pleased with this new friendship and enjoys watching Nick how he teaches his dog sign language. Nick started with simple commands like “come here”, and “lie down”. Emerson is all into Nick and every time Nick touches his ear lobe he barks with happiness.

Abbott has created a joint Instagram account with Emerson posting pictures of their adventures showing new tricks that Emerson has learned. He offers updates from their companionship calling it “two deaf boys and their adventures!”

This adoption was a great inspiration for the other people to adopt dogs with disability according to the staff of NFR Maine.

This heartwarming story touched many people who follow the adventures of Nick and Emerson on Instagram. Nick is highly pleased with his pet, and Emerson could not be more than this happier considering his rough start in life.

It is wonderful when some sorties have happy endings.