This Majestic Maine Coon is Named Lotus and is a Gigantic Ball of Love

Cats are your thing, domestic, wild, big, small, then for sure you will be a great fan of the Maine Coon. Maine Coons are also called the Gentle Giants, as they are the largest breed of domestic cats resembling a small lion.

However, it is not all about the size, this breed is very charming, elegant, fluffy, furry, and at the same time offering warmth, and love!

If you take a baby Maine Coon it will grow till it reaches the age of four. The male size of a Maine Coon can be 40 inches long weighing about 15 to 25 pounds.

This feline is really big, but it is with a friendly nature and has loving personality having the ability to develop a strong bond with its owners. These cats love to play and are very enjoyable to look at.

You can check online many images of Maine Coon, but we recommend checking Lotus – The Maine Coon on Instagram. It is a heart-warming cat that already has more than 270,000 followers. Lotus is a real star on Instagram thanks to its appealing appearance making your heart warm instantly. It has a distinctive appearance with long fur around the face making it as expressive as of a lion. The amazing lynx-like ears, the big full paws, and the soft and cotton candy-like tail contribute to its majestic look.

The adorable Lotus is a loving pet of a Swedish family that travels with it a lot and allowing him to visit his Maine Coon sister called Marion. He goes out with his owners on hikes and enjoys the grassy backyard, cats love being outside and Lotus gets the benefits of it as well.

All his adventures are being captured and in that way his fans enjoy watching him and his majestic fluffy physique.

Lindstein, his owner, loves his cat and explains his way of living:

He loves to sleep on the backrest of the house and sleep in bed [with us]. He is very kind, gentle and careful. He loves his family, likes to kiss. He often sleeps on his back, very relaxed!”

Check the Instagram and see all his funny photos:

See Lotus yawning as he has just awaken, and still looks charming!

This Internet star likes to help in the kitchen.

The handsome guy, with his sleek ties and clean appearance!

A relaxing day with the Instagram star!

Being serious, but still adorable with his fluffy mane!

Look what a windy day does to Lotus’ long fur!

And you would also like to have thick wavy fur warming you in those cold and snowy days.

His smile is so appealing making you love him instantly.