This Office Chair Lets You Lie Down Flat for Naps at the Office

Sleep shortage can affect the way how we function during the day lowering our concentration and work efficiency. Therefore, most of us drink plenty of coffee in order to survive the working day and perform the given tasks.

But, sleep deprivation should not be neglected as if it is continuous it can affect the mental clarity, mood, reaction time, memory, metabolism, stress levels, and blood pressure.

Experts recommend taking a short nap thereby restoring the body’s energy levels and in that shape getting back to work being fresh and ready for good performance of the given tasks.

According to the author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life and sleep expert, Sara C. Mednick, Ph.D., taking a nap for around 20 minutes will reset the body system and improve the alertness and motor performance.

The importance of having a nap during the day has been realized by some companies in the states and because of that they allow their employees to have a short nap while work hours and thus recharge their brains.

These companies are well-known brands like NASA, Mercedez-Benz Financial Services, Huffington Post, White & Case, etc. There is also Google that may have been among the first companies to encourage their employees to take power naps at work.

However, the Vice President, Real Estate and Workplace Services, David Radcliffe, states that workplaces need to have a nap pod.

How to get the most out of your nap?

Nap only for 20 minutes

Have a daily nap always at the same timeframe

Late naps can interrupt the nighttime sleep cycle, so avoid them

Cover yourself with a blanket and allow the warm temperature to make you fall asleep

Avoid sleeping in a bright or noisy environment

If you suffer from a sleep condition, napping during the day is not recommended as it can worsen your condition

The Lay Flat Office Chair – Your Napping Choice

The Japanese retailer Thanko has invented the ideal solution for office daytime napping, the “Lay Flat Office Chair” that can easily convert into a completely perpendicular office bed. It looks like a standard wheeled office chair, but it turns into a bed offering the comfort for daytime napping.

In order to purchase it you need to scroll down a Japanese website and it is better to have a Japanese speaking friend nearby. The price is ¥49,800 (about $600) and it will arrive at your doorstep unassembled. Once assembled the measurements will be 25.2 inches wide x 51.2 inches tall x 68.9 inches deep, weighing 48.5 lbs.

If you cannot order form Japan there are similar models available on Amazon like the XUERUI 360 Degree Swivel Chair that can recline to about 145 degrees, having a starting price of $600. The Happybuy Executive Swivel Office Chair is also available on Amazon at a price of $115.


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