This Rare Rose Has Both Red and White Petals and It’ll Light Up Your Garden

Nature shows its whole beauty when all the flowers and trees bloom, the versatility that flowers can show is more than amazing. But, the flower that mostly overwhelms with its beauty is the rose.

This flower is unique with its beauty and scent and there is no person in the world that can resist its exquisite beauty. This flower takes the pedestal of all flowers and for the right reason. It is so smooth and soft emitting a heavenly scent, especially the one of a damask rose and let us not forget the exotic one of a tea rose.

Roses are symbols of elegance and beauty, and the ideal flower choice for special occasions. There are over 150 species of roses and each species symbolizes a different emotion like joy, passion, love, romance, friendship, pride, admiration, innocence, purity, guilt, sadness, mourning, and humility.

This flower is timeless and traditional and because of that there are many combinations of it. For ages, gardeners cross-bred roses, and this continues even today creating some fascinating hybrids. Latest, the horticulturists have created the magnificent Osiria rose, a rose with red and white petals.

The Osiria Rose

It was initially created in 1978 by Kordes Roses, which is a German rose production and distribution company, and later on it was introduced into commerce in France by Willemse France known as Osiria.

Since it is remarkable rose species hybridizers do not reveal the exact process of cross-breeding, and what is general knowledge that it is a combination of a rose bush named Snowfire and a secret seedling.

This rose can be recognized under the name of Korsirrose and red blend Hybrid Tea rose. However, the peak of its popularity reached in the lasts decades due to the great interest of floral photographers in this particular type of rose. The photos of this rose went viral almost immediately and everyone got interested in having such rose.

Although the pictures are really nice, in reality these roses are even more beautiful with white inner petals cross-hatched or jagged with red (scarlet or candy apple) pigment. Moreover, some of the photos might have been enhanced displaying flawless roses which do not exist in nature.

Stan V. Griep, a floral photographer of the American Rose Society states:

“Osiria is not a scam; she does exist but the blooms she produces will typically be different than those shown on the internet which makes the heartbeat a bit faster.” 

Griep explains the name of Osiria:

 “I doubt that you will find Osiria on any map or any Biblical or historical mention of her as, again, like Atlantis, she was a theoretical empire. Just as some of the enhanced photos of her, the lore behind the name is enticing.”

The beauty of this rose is one of kind, but aside its magnificent appearance, this rose is also known for its remarkable scent.

Osiria rose would look amazing in your garden, but it is not easy to grow in a garden, yet you can give it a try as it is worth it. However, there are other varieties with dual white and red coloration, such as the Nostalgie rose and Gemini rose, which would be easier to grow.

Your garden will look magical with these roses; hence try your best shot!