This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel or Charging Stations

The need for fuel in the modern world has become so demanding that we cannot even imagine our lives without fuel. But, this could be no longer true as there is a new invention on the horizon. The motorhome with a sleek design is built for the open road that does not require any fuel or for that matter even driving experience, amazing, isn’t it?

The RV Company Dethleffs has built the Iveco Daily Electric chassis and it is something we have not seen before. This car runs on the energy provided from the solar panels that are being installed on the roof and the sides. In total there is 334 square feet of thin-film solar panels delivering up to 3,000 watts of energy.

The solar-powered RV is amazing and as an alternative to the charging station, there is 228-Ah sodium-nickel-chloride battery, that would do the job for about 1,500 charges or 250,000 km. This RV is one of a kind as it represents also an e-home, with smart windows, a great heating system, and driver assistance technology.

Green Matters states the following:

The e-home utilizes Victron Energy products for the solar kit, including solar charge controllers, an inverter/charger for AC electricity and to charge the lithium batteries, ancillaries, and a DC-DC converter to supply charge stations for phones, laptops and the like.

Aside its remarkable self-sustaining capacity this RV is with sleek and modern design appealing to every person. Plus, it comes with circular wireless charging station; windows with darkening film between the panes; infrared heating panels on interior floors, furniture, and walls. The heating system runs smoothly by capturing outside air on days warmer than 79 degrees, and then sends it into the main cabin when the evening’s cooler air sets in.

On top of this, your nights will be so romantic thanks to the starlight projection system over the alcove bed. What we can ask for more?

In addition to this, Dethleffs Managing Director, Alexander Leopold, states the following:

Dethleffs know this means a lot more than just putting bodywork on an electrically driven chassis. By implementing a fully electric power train there are many challenges and equal opportunities for the entire vehicle.

One significant opportunity is to do without any additional type of energy sources for the vehicle. This means that a motorhome with electric drive will also supply all the onboard services with electricity for the living area instead of gas, for example – and that is why solar power production becomes very important.”

This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel or Charging Stations