This Volkswagen Bus Cooler is the Coolest Cooler We Have Ever Seen

The weather is getting warmer meaning that we will be more outside enjoying a nice barbecue with our friends and family. Hence, we need to check if our cooler is still working making our beverages cool thus truly enjoying the great time we have outdoors.

Having a cooler is a must when going camping, taking road trips, beaches, and picnics. In terms of camping the cooler is as important as the tent because there is kept all the food that can be easily spoiled like the meat for the barbecues and the milk for the morning cereals. Not to mention the fact that all the sodas and beers need to be cold. During the night they can even be a natural critter protection. However, the animal world has gotten smarter over the years realizing that inside of them there is plenty of food so a raccoon now is not afraid of it, but opens it up and treat itself with some nice package of meat.

In the past the coolers were not something nice to look at; most of them were standard gray with a thick white lid. In the lid there were four cup holders, but if someone wanted quickly to open the cooler and grab something from it he would make a great mess if there was an open can of pop sitting on top. Yet, that is what made camping interesting and the whole point of being outdoors.

All of us remember that these coolers had wheels for easier manipulation and handles that were too short for an adult to drag the cooler without bending down. So, when the coolers were packed with food and beverages, the small wheels could not be of great service on the rough terrain of the camping site and since the handles were too short they had to be carried. In such case they were carried by two people, and there were cases when the men wanted to display their strength and one person carried by himself the packed cooler. Well, these things also made the camping very interesting.

We live in a modern era and the technology has developed in such rate offering us some new devices. The old things were not forgotten, but only drastically improved and that also counts for the traditional coolers. Volkswagen has created the perfect cooler for you, more stylish and with plenty of perks.

The Rolling Volkswagen Bus Cooler 

The Volkswagen bus is really unique and after so many years it is still attractive, especially when going on a trip or camping. The engineers in Volkswagen realized that people need always a cooler in their bus so they have created one that will satisfy everyone’s needs.

It has four wheels and the handles are not too short, but foldable that extend whenever you need to tow it. It is a 30-liter cooler that is entirely insulated, and it has a lid lock, so the smart raccoons cannot get hold of your food and beverages.

This cooler is official Volkswagen merchandise that will become irreplaceable for your outgoings on the beach, barbecues, and camping trips. The engineers of Volkswagen thought of everything, since it is an outdoor cooler it is made of anti-rust steel thus protecting it from damage due to the outdoor elements.

Detailed Features of the Volkswagen Bus Cooler

  • 30-liter capacity
  • Large insulated storage compartment
  • A retractable handle for easy transportation
  • Folds underneath the base of the van
  • Extendable handle to turn left or right to steer
  • Rubber tires
  • Heavy-duty lid-lock
  • Anti-rust pressed steel construction
  • Hinged roof
  • Ideal for camping or beach trips
  • Can go ‘off-road’
  • Internal drainage plug
  • Easy to clean

This cooler is the ideal accompanying device for any outdoor activity and most importantly it can be easily towed whenever is packed with drinks and food, so the hassle of carrying it is completely eliminated. It has been designed for travel, and that makes it the ideal cooler for all your trips. Every family that frequently enjoys the countryside should have one and should not be afraid of being damaged as it is specifically designed for being outdoors.

The Rolling Volkswagen bus cooler is a little bit pricey, but it is worth it offering so many perks. It is a great gift for your father, friend, or simply for yourself enjoying all the time on the beach without considering of carrying the cooler with your beers. There is nothing like having a cold beer in front of a campfire and iced beverages while enjoying sunbathing.

 Customers have been praising this cooler, and here are some of their reviews:

 “This was purchased as a gift for a VW driving and loving friend. It’s a great cooler and will definitely be put to plenty of use this upcoming spring and summer.”

“This VW cooler is totally cool, we are glad we got one, will be great to take outside when it is warm enough to BBQ, our friends are envious.”.

“Love this VW cooler. It’s unique, well-built, and an eye-catcher. Can’t wait to pull it through the car shows.”

This cooler does not only look nice, but it is a staple device when going outdoors. The Rolling Volkswagen Bus cooler is a must accessory to a party on the beach or at any outdoor activity.