Tiger Cub Rejected by Mother Finds a Best Friend in a Puppy

Nature can still amaze us with all its diversity in flora and fauna. The animal world is unique and although each specie is separate as its own, there are cases when species intercept and communicate with each other, moreover they can develop strong bond as if they belong to same specie.

We have witnessed how two animals belonging to the same specie show affection and care for each other, but what makes Nature exquisite is when two different species bond as one.

The perfect example of such bonding is the one that we shall present to you in this article. The bond that a Bengal tiger cub, named Hunter, and German Pointer puppy, named Chelsea, is extraordinary and really amazing.

Hunter and Chelsea are two different species who have developed such alliance and despite their natural differences, they have become best friends. Both of them are residents in the Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria South Africa and are being taken care of by 22-year old Anthea Michaletos.

How this friendship occurred?

Hunter was born at the Farm Inn Wildlife, but his mother was not willing to take care of him so he was separated from her so that he could have a chance to live.

Anthea explains the behavior of his mother:

We believe that Hunter was born at a time when the female must have felt compromised in some way as she rejected him.”

Afterwards, local breeders and joint owners of the Matotoland Kennel, Francois vd Walt, and Jacob Cilliers sold Hunter to the Sanctuary and that became his new home where he met Chelsea. The German Pointer puppy is just three weeks older than him which made him the perfect friend and peer.

Fransoa commented that when the breed German Pointer is considered such bonding could be possible. Here it is how he explained this unorthodox companionship:

German Pointer’s are extremely energetic and highly intelligent. The constant need for stimulation and activity combines well with the natural behavior of a tiger, and in this case, it seems to be a perfect combination.”

The moment they saw each other, both animals have become inseparable mates. Anthea describes their encounters:

In the mornings when I take Chelsea out, she will run to his cage and greet him. There is a lot of wrestling involved, Chelsea pushes him over and then he jumps on her.

For him to have a four-legged friend is very helpful because he can play in the same way that he would with another litter mate. He was the only cub in his litter and it’s very important for him to have a companion.”

When they need to be separated Chelsea becomes sad, but, fortunately, there will be another encounters.

Is it possible for such friendship to last?

Anthea explains that their bonding is now strong because both of them are very young and although are different species they are in fact peers. They play around a lot and wrestle with each other. However, when the tiger cub, Hunter, turns to be 6-month old, he needs to be separated from Chelsea. Anthea already notices him always going for Chelsea’s throat during their playing, so when the time comes Chelsea should not play with Hunter anymore for her own protection.

Chelsea does not complain or experience any discomfort during the play even when Hunter plays too rowdy, but for her own protection Anthea believes that after six months they should be separated. When Hunter will be 6 months old, the play will be too hard, and may become tragic. But, we shall see as Nature never stops to amaze us.