To Replace Plastic Straws Starbucks Introduces “Sippy Cups” for Adults

We have polluted the whole planet with the overuse of plastic among which is the plastic straws. Plastic straws are everywhere in the ocean and in the soil and we all know that it needs decades for the plastic to degrade.

However, people and corporations have become more conscious about the environment and because of that several food chains banned the use of plastic straws.

There have been introduced interesting replacements of the plastic straws like a Philippines café uses biodegradable straws instead of plastic ones. The most famous coffee chain in the world, the Starbucks, has completely stopped the use of plastic straws.

Plastic is very bad for the environment, but as well as for the health of the people, and because of that we need to eliminate the use of plastic on daily basis.

Starbucks found a perfect solution for replacing plastic straws by introducing a cold-cup lid. This type of lid makes their cups look like sippy cups which are ideal for adults. In the last decade Starbucks made it a priority to reduce the amount of plastic in their coffee stores. This coffee chain tries to set up the idea globally by 2020. The positive effects are becoming visible as many stores in Canada and the US have completely removed the use of plastic straws.

This change should not be troublesome for you as the only difference is in their use. The plastic straws are of single-use, and the new lids are made of polypropylene, which makes them reusable and sustainable. In this way the environment is being protected and consequently your health. This ecological move of Starbucks will contribute to cleaner environment.

If you are worried about the taste of the coffee and the consumption of bubbles and cold foam, the only difference is that you will have to sip them and that will not impede the flavor of your coffee.

The designer of these lids is Emily Alexander, an engineer in global research and development at Starbucks, who paired the lid with the coffee chain’s nitro cold brew. These lids will lower the pile up of plastic on our planet and if the straw is your ultimate choice you can simply use eco-friendly reusable straw.

Nonetheless, Starbucks plans to use the straw less lids when serving tea, espresso drinks and iced coffee. For the consumption of Frappuccino beverages you can use a compostable plastic straw or paper straw. Plastic straw should be completely removed from use, especially when many stores are offering safe alternative materials for them.