Traditional Chinese Medicine Explains Why You Keep Waking Up at Night and What to Do About It!

People that are not feeling good tend to pay a visit to their doctor where they very often get prescribed medications that supposed to help them feel better and treat the symptoms. In fact, this approach is very bad because these medications are actually treating the signs instead of the root of the cause. Also these medications are causing additional problems due to the side effects they cause.

Traditional Chinese medicine claims that our body runs on a clock with energy highways or meridians better known as ‘Qi’. These Qis actually are the ones that are responsible for the constant circulation of vitals such as adrenaline, blood, and other main fluids in the body. In other words, once the Qi is running and working property you will feel well, but in case they don’t run well you will feel unwell.

Qi moves every two hours and it stops at different organs every time allowing each organ to reach their optimal level, and afterwards it moves forward. It is important to say that once the organ reaches the optimal level on one side, on the opposite side of the body another organ reaches the lowest level.

This process is called Yin and Yang, and during the process of Yin the organs are supplied with energy, where in Yang process they release it. In this process the Qi is actually carrying the natural elements such as Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each of these elements has certain emotion and energy. Here are more details:

  1. Earth – it is considered to be related to balance, the giving and receiving, and emotional sympathy and empathy
  2. Metal – is responsible for transporting sadness, grief, and loss
  3. Water – it is connected to anxiety and fear
  4. Wood – it is responsible for resentment, anger, frustration, stress, and jealousy
  5. Fire – it is connected to love, happiness, and hate

Qi and the body clock:

The meridians actually are directly related to the so called clock system and according to this traditional Chinese medicine, each part of the body is energized at different times during the day. In case you wake up during the night you might block some parts of the body or weaken them, and you should take action in order to fix it.

Waking up between these hours you might experience:

11pm – 1am

You could experience gallbladder problems, and sometimes it is related to emotional disappointment. In order to solve the issue you will need to practice unconditional self-acceptance and forgiveness

1am – 3am

This could be related to problems with the liver, or feeling of anger and excess yang energy. In order to solve the issue you will need to drink cold water and face the difficult situations that caused the anger


Waking up between these hours is directly linked to the energy meridian passing through the lings and it is related to your feelings of sadness. In order to solve this issue you will need to fall asleep faster and find the connection with the positive side of yourself.

5am – 7am

At these hours the energy is going through your intestines and if you often wake up between these hours you most probably experience emotional blockage. In order to solve the issue you should drink lots of water, and do some stretching right after you wake up.