Treat Tonsil Stones Naturally Without Having Any Surgery! Here’s What You Need To Know!

Many people believe that they have stuck something in their throat once they notice small white nuggets in their tonsils. In fact, these white nuggets are called tonsil stones and not many people know that they have it.

The main causes for tonsil stones are mucus, bacteria, dead skin cells, or leftover food. Often they have yellow or white color and they have soft texture. These tonsil stones can trigger halitosis, inflammation of the throat, problems with swallowing foods, and breathing problems.

In case you suffer from chronic inflammation of the tonsils or in case you have large tonsils you actually have increased risk for developing tonsil stones. Some of the conventional treatments for tonsil stones are tonsillectomy which represents surgical removal of the tonsils.

You should be aware that even if you decide to do surgical removal of the tonsils doesn’t guarantee that tonsil stones will develop again. Once you remove the tonsils you are actually removing the immunity which protects your body from infections and bacteria.

Some of the other methods for removing tonsil stones are the following:

  1. Q-tips

You will need to use big enough Q-tip in order to be able to reach to the back of the throat. You need to ensure that you have sufficient visibility before you reach to remove the tonsils. You will need to push the Q-tip in your throat to the point of your visibility, and remove the stones. Tonsil stones will need to pop out from the pockets of the tonsils.

  1. Dental irrigation syringes

You will need to point the curved tip of the syringe straight at the pockets in the tonsils. This way you will manage to get rid of the stones located deeper in the tonsils, and in areas where you might not be able to see.

While you do this method you need to ensure that your head is down in order to let it fall out of the mouth. You should prepare a mixture of syringe with 3% of hydrogen peroxide and warm water.

  1. Oral irrigator

The oral irrigator is consistent of water reservoir, a motor, and water flosser nozzle. This technique flosses with water rather than with a string. In order to remove the tonsil stones you should nozzle directly in the tonsil crevices and remove them. You should be careful not to be very aggressive because you might actually damage the tonsils.

  1. Oral probiotics

You could use natural bacteria in order to eliminate the negative bacteria that might be present in your mouth. This negative bacteria is often the main cause for development of tonsil stones. You should take efficient probiotic such as S. Salivarius K12. This capsule should be opened up and mixed with 4oz of water. Swish the mouth with this solution and tilt the head backwards while you do so. Afterwards make sure that you spit it out.