Try the 6 World’s Easiest Exercises for Back Fat and Underarm Flab

Back fat and underarm flab are the most difficult fat to burn. It can be a real nuisance as for most people it is very embarrassing no matter how good they look in certain clothes. So burning fat in these areas is a real challenge.

You should not stress yourself as there are ways to successfully eliminate excess underarm and back fat. All you have to do is to balance your daily diet and incorporate certain exercising that are targeting these body parts thanks to which you can get rid of this fat and as well as tone you muscles.

Yet, nothing is done without putting an extra effort especially if you want excellent results.

Top 6 Exercises for Melting Underarm and Back Fat

All these exercises target the muscles in the upper part of the body. You need to do them for a few weeks so that you can efficiently eliminate underarm and back fat and at the same time tone your arms and back. The most important thing is that for these exercises you do not have to use any expensive equipment or pay expensive memberships to a gym.

  1. T-Y-I Exercise

It is simple and easy exercise, but very efficient which can strengthen your muscles and better your body posture. Thanks to the use of this exercise all of your back muscles, including upper back and lower back muscles, will be substantially strengthened.

T – Lie on the ground with the face down, and then stretch your arms in a formation of the letter “T” with your palms turned toward the floor. After that, raise them and squeeze your shoulder blades. Stay in this position for 7 seconds, and then go back to the initial position. Perform 2 sets of 20 repetitions.

Y – Again lie on the ground with your face down, and extend your arms into a “Y” position. Slowly raise your arms and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Note you need to keep your arms straight. After that, go back to the initial position. Perform 2 sets of 20 repetitions.

I – For this exercise, you are still on the floor and stretching your arms above the head. Move your arms into a position of “I”, and then raise your arms straight up meanwhile squeezing your shoulder blades and pushing them in a direction to your lower back. Perform 2 sets of 20 repetitions.

  1. Snow Angels

You are in the lying position with your face down extending your arms to the sides with your palms facing down. Raise your arms above the head while keeping the head down. Keep your back straight and your feet a few inches from the wall. After that, lower the arms back to the sides and keeping them straight. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

  1. Prone Reverse Fly

This one will target all small spots in your upper back, and because of that it is very efficient.

You are in the lying position with your face down and with your arms at side. Slowly lift your head and chest off the floor. The back part of your hands needs to be facing the ceiling, and the shoulder blades together squeezed. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

  1. Plank Drops

Thanks to this exercise your body posture will be substantially improved and all of your back muscles strengthened. It is an easy to do exercise, and will effectively eliminate back fat.

Get down on your feet and forearms with your legs wide apart. Do not move your hips while lowering your chest down. Next, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold that position for at least 10 seconds. Perform 2 sets of 20 repetitions.

  1. The Bird-Dog Exercise

This is an efficient core exercise which will increase core strength in your abs and back. Likewise, it will improve your balance, stability and the flow of the blood in the body. Furthermore, it will tone your back, arm, and shoulder muscles.

Begin on all fours with your knees under the hips and your hands underneath your shoulders. Maintain your back straight. Then, extend your left arm and your right leg and keep this position for a few seconds. After that, switch sides and repeat the same procedure.

  1. Superman Exercise

The target of this exercise is the inner back muscles.

Get in a lying position with your face down extending your arms over the head and slowly lifting your arms, legs, and chest off the ground. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

If you perform these exercises on regular basis, after a few weeks, you will notice visible improvements. Moreover, you can perform them at home thus saving time for the visits at the gym. Thanks to these exercises you will restore your confidence and start wearing those favorite sleeveless dresses.