Two Boys Aged 12 and 13 Face 10 Years in Prison After Killing Half-A-Million Bees

We have endangered so many species on our planet without realizing the harm it can be done. One of those species is the hard-working bees who are accountable for the pollination of 30% of the crops in the world. Thanks to them we consume certain products at affordable price, and if they become extinct some of the products that we take for granted will not be available or be extremely expensive.

Fortunately, people have become aware of their importance and there are so many organizations trying to save bees. But, despite of all the efforts there are still people who do not care about our environment and cause great damage. What is more alarming is when children do such thing like the done vandalism of a huge bee colony in Sioux Falls, Iowa. The culprits of this vandalism were two boys in an age of 12 and 13.

The Wild Hill Honey takes care of beehives where bees are kept in order to produce honey. But, something terrible happened when on December 28th they went for a regular check-up of their beehives. They were appalled by the scene, 50 beehives were destroyed and almost half a million bees dead. More than 500,000 bees were scattered around lying lifeless.

Justin Engelhardt is the owner of the Wild Hill Honey who had set up a security camera in order to protect the beehives from scoundrels like these two. But, no use, the camera was stolen and there was no evidence of the culprits. As if this was not enough the vandals broke into the shed, taking the equipment out and destroying it leaving nothing intact as if their sole purpose was total vandalism. Sadly of the irreplaceable loss of the bees, but the business owner has also had financial loss that could destroy his whole business.

The owners of Wild Hill Honey called the police, and the team of police officers found many fingerprints and by the use of fingerprint readers found out the names of these two boys. Although these two are minors the damage that they have done is immense killing all those bees and completely destroying the business of this company. The boys were charged with criminal charges of first degree, agricultural animal facilities offenses and burglary in the third degree. In addition to these charges were added the aggravated misdemeanors for possession of burglar’s tools, and a possible fine charge of $10,000. They might even be sentenced to 10 years in jail.

In this great misfortune of the Engelhard’s the humanity was shown by many other people. Namely, the destroyed beehives were not covered by insurance companies, and the owners of Wild Hill Honey literary lost everything. The scandal was really outrageous and caught great attention and many people wanted to help. The Wild Will Honey had a fundraising page and up to now they have raised more than $30,000. This fund will help them to rebuild their business and establish new beehives thus helping in the preservation of bees.

The owners of this company expressed gratitude to all of the people who supported them during this awful period.

As if it is not enough that due to all pollution the bees are slowly disappearing, a scandal like this to contribute to their destruction. We need these diligent insects, the flora and fauna needs them, and because of that we should do everything that is in our power to save them and not to destroy them on purpose.