Two Elderly Dudes Escaped a Nursing Home and Went to a Heavy Metal Concert

Old age is an inevitable part of the human life and most people imagine seniors sitting in front of a TV or playing bingo with their peers. This image sticks to every person mind as they are after all old people who probably use cane for walking and need the support from other people.

But, if the body gets old, it does not mean that the spirit is old as well. Inside that wrinkled body there can be still a young soul wanting to have fun just like the rest of the young population. This was shown to be true for the two German seniors from the rural district of Dithmarscher, Germany. Both of them were residents of a nursing home, but that did not stop them to go to a heavy metal music festival. They wanted to have a little bit of fun and thus escaped from their nursing home so that to be a part of the Wacken Open Air music festival in Hamburg. This festival is organized every year and it is believed to be one of the most visited heavy metal festivals in the whole world. In this festival usually play bands like Cannibal Corpse, Judas Priest, Death By Sorry, and Danzig. It is a4-day festival visited by approximately 75,000 heavy metal fans.

These two older gentlemen had to take the 25-mile trek in order to reach the festival, but that was not an obstacle for them nor the security of the nursing home. In order to reach the festival they used public transportation and walked, but they reached their destination and joined the other heavy metal fans. They had the time of their lives, but their caretakers noticed their absence and called the police. They were found at 3 am, and the officers on duty reported that they were little bit disoriented, and dazed.

According to the report of Peter Berndt, a spokesman for the Itzehoe police department, the two seniors reached the festival by foot and public transport. The police did not have clear knowledge when these men arrived in Wacken and how much time they spent at the festival. Once the police found them, they took them to the medical tent on the festival site and at about half past six were sent back to their nursing home.

The police spokeswoman, Merle Neufeld, told public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk that they went voluntarily after they explained to them that their nursing home is looking for them. She said that they really liked the festival and they were not the only seniors attending this festival. There were also others who enjoyed the playing of bands, but these two were unique as they decided to escape from their current residence and listen to the music of the heavy metal bands.

Maybe the caretakers did not appreciate this adventure, but for these two men it was an amazing experience reigniting the young flame in their souls.