THIS Type of HONEY is Killing Every Kind of Bacteria Scientists Throw at It (Even the Super-Bugs!)

We are all familiar with the countless health benefits of the raw, unprocessed honey, however recently scientists have found out another type of honey which has the ability to kill every kind of bacteria, even the worst ones.

The European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases released the results of the study which showed remarkable effects on the so called “superbugs”. As time goes by, this study will have vital significance as we are living in an era when antibiotics are not as effective as they use to be and for which we will need another alternative, and in this case the alternative comes from nature itself.

Manuka honey is that powerful natural alternative. This type of honey originates from New Zeeland, and it is otherwise known as jelly bush honey.

Manuka Honey Kills MRSA and Other Superbugs

Studies revealed that manuka honey managed to kill every bacteria or pathogen tested, and The Australian released all these remarkable results. If you want to fight off skin infections, insect bites, and cuts, you can either apply it topically, or take it internally.

What is great about this type of honey is the fact that none of the killed superbugs could build up immunity, which is major issue with the antibiotics.

According to Dr. Dee Carter of the University of Sydney’s School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences the life of a shelf of the new antibiotics is much shorter since the affected bacteria quickly become resistant. The pharmaceutical companies have abandoned antibiotic production because it is difficult to recover costs. Dr. Carter maintains that this natural alternative can save many lifes as manuka honey contains the compound methylglyoxal due to which manuka honey is so effective in killing the bacteria.

How to Get Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is available in every health store, and if you cannot find it in your local health store, then for sure you can find it online. However, due to high demand of manuka honey many fake products have hit the market. Therefore, when buying manuka honey search for the UMF certification as in that way you will be sure that you are buying the original manuka honey.

What is UMF?

UMF means Unique Manuka Factor, a phytochemical property obtained from the manuka bushes.

There are plenty of certified manuka products on Also comvita manuka honey, UMF certified, can be found on Amazon. It is believed that it can destroy MRSA:

JoshuaOne9 on the site Amazon tells how she has done plenty of researching when her friend got MRSA. However, later on and she also got it. In the beginning of the infection she did not realize that she was affected by MRSA. She found a red bump which she started to scratch believing that it is a mosquito bite. But, it was something completely else which her husband initially realized, and immediately applied Manuka honey on the affected area covering it with a bandage. Just after a few hours, she experienced significant relief, and within a couple of days, it was entirely gone.

Further researching still are needed to be performed, yet up to now manuka honey has showed nothing but positive effects of its use and offered numerous health benefits.