THIS Type of HONEY Kills Every Kind of Bacteria Scientists Throw at It (Even the Super-Bugs!)

Raw natural organic honey has numerous health benefits which most of the people are familiar with it. However, recently scientists have discovered a new type of honey which has the ability to destroy any bacteria even the worst kinds. This new finding is very crucial especially in times when many prescribed antibiotics are not successful in eliminating the bacteria, especially the “superbugs” which are resistant to most of the antibiotics.

This was also stated by The European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases which released the results of this study.

The honey is called manuka honey, or otherwise known as jelly bush honey, which is manufactured in New Zealand. We have not heard about this honey up to now because the producers demanded trademark protection same as the French champagne or Scottish whiskey. Therefore, we did not know about the miraculous health benefits of manuka honey.

The amazing manuka honey can kill MRSA and other superbugs

The Australian reported that manuka honey can destroy every bacteria or pathogen tested on the studies mentioned before. It can be taken topically especially if you have cuts, insect bites, skin infections or internally.

None of the killed superbugs could build up immunity, which wasn’t the case with the previous used antibiotics.

Dr. Dee Carter of the University of Sydney’s School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences explains that the lifespan of antibiotics’ shelf is becoming shorter because the bacteria on which they are applied very quickly become resistant to it. The pharmaceutical companies cannot change the antibiotics all the time as it is very costly and non-profitable. Dr. Carter continues to explain that the compound methylglyoxal makes the manuka honey very effective in killing the bacteria.

But, where to find Manuka Honey?

It is reachable at any health store, however the demands have very quickly risen as soon as the health benefits were experienced by many people, and for that reason many fake ones have appeared on the market. When you buy them search for the UMF certification. UMF actually means Unique Manuka Factor, a phytochemical property obtained from the manuka bushes.There are also many certified manuka products on  It is believed that it can eliminate MRSA:

On Amazon, JoshuaOne9 shared her story about manuka honey. Namely, she did a lot of researching because she wanted to help a friend which was already suffering from MRSA. However, she also got infected by it. At first, a red bump appeared on her skin for which she thought it was a mosquito bite, she scratched it and realized that this was not the case of mosquito bite. Thankfully, her husband immediately realized that it was MRSA and applied on the afflicted area manuka honey and secured it with a bandage. Just after couple of hours, she experienced substantial relief, and after couple of days it was altogether gone.

Further research needs to be conducted regarding the use of manuka honey, yet up to now it has provided many health benefits.


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