An Unbelievable Effective Juice That Melts Belly Fats

These small “imperfections” may have different causes and are difficult to remove. To help you get rid of these fat deposits, here is a recipe for natural and easy drink to make!

Hips, thighs or buttocks are very difficult areas to refine, but the belly remains the most tenacious of all! Abdominal fat is highly resistant and is mostly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress and physical inactivity are all factors that promote abdominal overweight.

For many people, the accumulation of abdominal fat remains a purely aesthetic reason, but for some its impact is much greater. Indeed, visceral fat is closely related to cholesterol risk of hypertension and type 2 diabetes, very serious chronic diseases.

The desire to get rid of this fat should mainly emanate from a desire to be healthy.

For this, combination of healthy eating/physical activities is essential. It is very important to have a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein to give the body all the nutrients it needs without gaining weight.

Regarding physical activities, an average of 3 training sessions between 30 and 45 minutes a week is essential to burn ingested calories, build muscle mass as well as having a flat stomach.

However, some natural boosters can also help to maximize the results and make you lose weight faster. Notably drinks with natural foods that have fat-burning effect, like the one we propose below.

A natural fat burning drink


– 1 lemon
– A handful of spinach
– 1 cup water
– A piece of fresh ginger (1 inch)


Peel the ginger and lemon and then pass them to the blender with water and spinach. Drink the juice every morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before taking your breakfast.

Be sure to prepare it in the morning and not at night and consume it immediately so that it preserves all its benefits.