Unbelievable: Here’s How to Remove Kidney Stones in Just 10 Days!

Even though you may have thought that millet is just a grain added for bird food, it is actually an amazing healthy choice for people with kidney problems. It has extremely high nutrient value and healing properties. Individuals, who suffer from kidneys issues, have already tried it, and it was proven to be very helpful in solving their kidneys health problems.
Millet has been used for long period of time in traditional medicine showing to be highly effective in the following treatment of these conditions:

  • cleaning kidneys,
  • urolithiasis (condition where stones are formed in the urine and urinary system),
  • eliminating small stones from the kidneys and the bladder,
  • eliminating sand and slime,
  • cystitis (common female condition).

Therefore, we highly suggest you this Russian folk medicine as it is natural and extremely effective for kidney treatment. Namely, it is very helpful in cleansing the kidneys, secretion of mucous and removing sand and small stones. Here below is the recipe:

Recipe for Removing Kidney Stones


  • 1 cup of millet
  • water

Instructions: Initially rinse the millet in warm water. Do this in the evening and let it stay overnight. Then use larger pot of about 3 liters, and put the millet in it; fill 2/3 of the pot with hot boiled water. Properly cover the pot, wrapped it up in something warm (blanket) and leave it to stay during the night.
In the morning shake the mixture, then transfer it into jars and you will see white non transparent liquid in them. There is no limitation of how much of this beverage you can drink, drink as much as possible during the day.

The next morning repeat the treatment, and within 10 to15 days the results will be inevitable. After 10-15 days you will have the following results:

  • the kidneys will be cleaned up,
  • the stones will be eliminated through urine,
  • the sand and the mucous will be also eliminated,
  • the inflammation will be gone,
  • the kidney tissue and organs of the urinary system will be restored.

The remained millet you can use for preparing a healthy porridge for breakfast. You can prepare it by boiling 1 cup of millet and 3 cups of water for 15 minutes till you get a mixture ready for consuming.

This grain is available in all organic food stores; it is not expensive and affordable for everyone. Daily consumption of millet naturally contributes to healthier and cleaner kidneys thus preventing the risk of prospect diseases.

Note: There is another mixture which is helpful for the stone decomposition in kidneys and as well as in the gallbladder, it is consisted of lemon and olive oil, and at the same time cleans the liver.