What Does Your Underwear Color Say About You?

Comfortable, sexy, practical or attractive, the underwear can say a lot about the character of the wearer. But did you know that the color of underwear even if chosen at random, can also reveal a lot about you?

Each color contains a symbolic value that varies across cultures and eras. It carries a meaning that can be interpreted in different ways and therefore should not be chosen lightly. The choice of the underwear color, especially, can say a lot about the personality.

People who prefer this underwear color are tender, romantic and are not fans of adventures at a night! Vulnerable and delicate, they are more likely to have serious relationships. If your darling is a fan of purple lingerie, then be happy.

Blue color in all its shades has no negative interpretation. This color symbolizes loyalty, honesty and integrity. Blue is also the color of peace and can have a calming effect. Those who choose the blue color often want to show the best version of themselves.

Green is the color of nature that is often associated with growth, hope and opportunity. Its multiple shades can symbolize different things, but all agree on common points such as stability, balance and protection. The green color of lingerie is often worn by people looking to relax and unwind.

Color of the sun and happiness, the bright yellow symbolizes joy, freshness and youth. It’s a pretty original color for underwear. Besides, most people who want to show their unique and creative side will opt for yellow.

Note, however, that the less bright yellow color evokes jealousy and disease. Use care to the tone of yellow you choose, not to give the impression contrary to the one you want to suggest.

Orange is a lively and attractive color. It symbolizes light, sun and fire. This color evokes warmth and intimacy and is a very good choice when you want to have good look or a change of routine from neutral colors.
This color is between yellow and red, contains all the joy and passion of the first and of the second. Orange can also stimulate any type of appetite, including sexual.

Of all colors, red is one that has a high sexual connotation. Red is an exciting color, it is equated with love, passion, impulsiveness, joy as well as energy. Wearing red underwear can also symbolize seduction, sensuality and desire.

Pink is the color of femininity and romanticism. Women who wear pink lingerie are often very nice, romantic and tender. Although pink is girly, it can also be associated with eroticism (phone sex).

In all cultures, white symbolizes purity, innocence, virginity and cleanliness. It can also bring new beginnings, comfort, freshness and well-being. People who prefer white underwear are generally very open to suggestions and are always ready to learn new things.

Black can have both negative and positive connotations. It evokes power and elegance, mystery and aggression. In the mind of many people, this dark color is synonymous with sadness, melancholy and death. While in the world of fashion, black embodies the refinement, sophistication and has a slimming effect. In general, black is very sexy and seductive. Women who prefer this classic color, are voluptuous, but seek sobriety, while returning a femme fatale image.

Although the choice of colors on the market for underwear is very wide, more and more women tend to opt for nude colors. According to a British study, published in the Daily Mail, and based on a survey conducted in the UK, 72% of women choose nude vs underwear when they are shopping. According to psychologists, this choice reveals that the person is natural and “has nothing to hide.”