Unhealthy Sweet or Salty Cravings are a Sign of Mineral Deficiencies

Many people are familiar with sudden hunger attacks, often very soon after a meal. What is behind the sudden desire for fast food, sweet or savory snacks, and how to satisfy this desire in a healthy way?

The desire for fast food or sweets is often triggered by stress – the body in these moments wishes something to be quickly comforted. Most people don’t know that such hunger attacks can also be caused by lack of minerals. But these attacks can hide other reasons. Let’s see what.

Do you want greasy and salty snacks?

If you primarily want salty snacks, you may be lacking sodium, mineral that your body needs to regulate blood pressure and water.

French fries, of course, are not the best solution. How about a few olives, that will quickly satisfy your desire for salt?

In the long run, you will need to provide the body with mineral water, which contains sodium (200 mg per quart).

Do you have a desire for cheese?

The craving for cheese is usually due to a lack of calcium or phosphorus.
These mineral substances are important for the stability of bones and teeth.
In patients with migraine a desire for cheese may be sign for an upcoming attack.

And you suddenly crave for something sweet?

Another reason may be the lack of selenium. This element is needed for thyroid function and energy metabolism.

The best sources of selenium:

Treat yourself with dried fruit. Of course, don’t overdo it. Selenium can be found in oatmeal, chicken and coconuts. With white sugar you get only empty calories and even greater hunger.

Do you have a craving for greasy burger or a great steak?

Do you often feel like eating meat? In fact, there is nothing wrong if you have a strong desire for meat about twice a week. In the long run to body probably needs to stock up on iron. This is necessary for the blood and oxygen transport to the cells.

Iron deficiency can be filled with whole grains, legumes and green leafy vegetables. Preferably in combination with vitamin C (for example, oranges), which improves the absorption.

Do you have a desire for pasta?

The desire for pasta hides unbalanced diet. You are maybe deficient in serotonin. Pasta rapidly increases blood sugar levels and also quickly reduces them – and hunger is back.

Complex carbohydrates from wholemeal flour calm the wolf’s hunger, keep the blood sugar at a constant level, in addition to also preventing cravings.

Do you have need for chocolate?

Do you suddenly imagine a delicious piece of chocolate with hazelnuts melting in your mouth? The body is likely to require more magnesium.

There is no problem if you have a piece or two! One bar of chocolate with at least 70% cocoa satisfies cravings, and because of polyphenols, chocolate can even protect the heart.

Muesli with nuts, oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast in the long run can prevent iron deficiency and hunger pangs.

Source: yourhealthypage.org