How to Use Bay Leaves to Treat Joint Pains, Memory Loss, Headaches, Varicose Veins and Many More!

Laurel is amazing spice and due to its properties many people use it in their kitchen when preparing their meals.

In fact, not many people are actually aware of the health benefits that this ingredient provides. Laurel leaves are amazing for improvement of your overall health including treating joint pain, improving memory, treating headache and varicose veins, etc.

Also these leaves are widely used in pharmaceutical production because it contains amazing properties that provide medicinal benefits. Here is a list of the health benefits that this ingredient provides:

  1. Improves the immune system
  2. Reduces the colon
  3. Treats joint pain and varicose veins
  4. Improves mental activity
  5. Relieves the nervous system
  6. Stimulates the process of sweating.

Here is how to prepare this remedy:

  1. Bay leaves – 2 tbsp
  2. Olive oil – 1 cup


You will need to grind the leaves by hand, but make sure that you continue doing so until they release light oil. Also you should use dry leaves in order to obtain all the health benefits it provides. Next, you should mix the oil that was released with olive oil and put it in a container. Close it well and leave it for 2 weeks. Once this time passes you should change it with new ones in order to intensify the aroma, and repeat the same process. Leave it again for 2 weeks.

Afterwards you should dip a cloth in it and before using it squeeze it as much as you can.

This remedy could be used for treatment of migraine and ear problems. Also if you want to treat joint pain you should rub the affected area with the cloth. On the other hand you could use laurel oil instead of aspirin in order to reduce fever. Feel free to use it for treatment of severe headaches by simply massaging the head with the cloth.

If you are feeling pain in the intestines and stomach you could also use this remedy. In case of skin problems such as formation of acne and pimples you should also use this remedy.