Use BORAX and Say Goodbye to Fleas, Roaches, Ants and Unwanted Pests

Your relaxation time at your home could be ruined by the presence of cockroaches, fleas, and ants. In fact, you could use natural non-toxic method that will help you get rid of these creatures. It is not recommended to use conventional repellents against ants, fleas, and cockroaches, because they contain chemicals that might harm your health. Instead you should use borax in order to get rid of these creatures.

This ingredient actually works against fleas, ants, and cockroaches, and once they ingest the solution they will disrupt their digestion and eventually they will die. Here is how to use borax against these creatures:

  1. Cockroaches

These creatures are known as hardy, but borax can actually kill them. In order to use it against cockroaches you will need to boil six eggs and remove the whites. Next, you should mash the yolks and add 2.5 ounces of borax. Mix it well and add ½ a cup of white sugar. This mixture should be homogenous and consistent, and make few balls. Put the little balls around the home in order to be eaten by cockroaches.

  1. Ants

Ants love liquids and their queen and babies eat solids. You will need to mix 2 solutions in order to get rid of these creatures. The first mixture is consistent of sold ant bait where you will need to mix one part of borax and 3 parts of powdered sugar. Use this mixture to sprinkle around flat surfaces where you often see the ants. Next, you will need to mix ¼ cup of borax and ¾ cup of honey. You should drop globs of this mixture on the trail or anywhere you see ants.

  1. Fleas

Fleas could be instantly destroyed by the use of borax. You will need to use it only once and you will get rid of them at least for one year. You need to clean and vacuum your home, and make sure there is no dust or dirt anywhere around the house. Next, you should sprinkle borax on the carpet, closet, furniture, and anywhere you might have seen them or you might think they could hide. Leave the borax to stay for 36 hours and you will be amazed by the results.

Make sure that you apply borax on places where your children will not have reach.