Are You Using the Cash Machines (ATM)? Don`t Take the Receipt After the Transaction! Here`s Why!

When you make transaction at the ATM you receive a receipt which everyone takes it. But the problem arises with those people that take the receipt without gloves. According to a research study picking up the receipt without gloves exposes you to Bisphenol A (BPA) which manifest through your urine, whereas people who use gloves do not get affected.

BPA is originally found in hard plastic and canned nutrition’s, and this hard industrial chemical is used for production of plastic and resin. Also it is found in polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastic is used for production of containers that are used for storage of food and drinks, such as bottles for water. It is also used for different types of consumer goods.

You should be concerned about the exposure to BPA because it might have serious health impacts on your brain, behavior and prostate gland in fetuses. Also it is dangerous for children and infants. According to research study there is also link between BPA and increased blood pressure.

Latest discovery found that BPA is used for production of ATM paper which is also used by POS machines as part of the business sectors. Also it is used in parkways and different types of spots where you get automated receipt.

You should definitely try to avoid this industrial chemical get in touch with your hands in order to avoid health issues. Make sure that you take these receipts with gloves because it is the only way you can get protected.

Here is a list of additional advices in regards to protecting yourself from BPA:

  1. Make sure that you use BPA free products. Many manufacturers are actually increasing the number of BPA free product production and they are clearly labeled.
  2. Avoid using cans because most of them contain BPA
  3. For your hot foods and liquids you should use glass, porcelain or stainless-steel containers. Avoid usage of plastic containers