Do You Have Vicks Vaporub at Home? Here are 6 Impressive Things You Can Do With This Product…

Have you heard about Vicks Vaporub? This small ointment helps us decongest the nose when we have a cold or to calms the headaches, it actually saves us in many situations.

In this article we propose to discover how this famous eucalyptus product could help you on a daily basis:

1. Pain in the ears

The Vicks Vaporub can be very useful for alleviating pain in your ears. All you have to do is put some Vicks Vaporub on a cotton swab and put it into your ear.

2. Fungus on the nails

The Vicks Vaporub is an excellent natural remedy that will allow you to get rid of a fungus on the nails. You just have to massage your nails with a little Vicks Vaporub twice a day and very quickly the fungus will disappear.

3. Keeps insects away

If you don’t want insects to enter your home then do not hesitate to apply a little Vicks Vaporub on your doorstep. You can even apply on parts of your body to repel mosquitoes.

4. Relieves muscle aches or pains

The Vicks Vaporub is very effective in relieving body aches and muscle pain. Simply apply a little Vicks Vaporub on the painful area and massage the muscle in a circular motion. All you have to do is cover the area with a warm towel and leave it for a few hours. It will very quickly relieve the pain.

5. Your furniture will thank you

If you are fed up from the dog gnawing the bottom of your furniture or your cat claws are all over your curtains do not hesitate to apply a little Vicks Vaporub which will prevent them from approaching your furniture.

6. Good for the cracked heels

The heels undergo many aggressions during the day and this is because our weight rests on this part of the body. It is therefore quite normal to have cracked heels. However, Vicks Vaporub will hydrate this part of the body. You just have to do a light massage 3 times a week on your cracked heels and put on socks before going to sleep.

This video will give you more detailed of uses of this remarkable product. Check it out!