“Victory Gardens” Come Back in Vogue Thanks to Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic made us considering our gardening skill which in the past was a way of providing food on the table. Namely, during the World War I and World War II, people grow their own food, and the leaders of many nations promoted this way of food sources naming it “Victory Gardens” with the slogans “dig for victory.”

Most of the agricultural workers were off at war, and the “Victory Gardens” were a solid base for the daily rations and also a great help in better morale among people.

Nowadays, we are facing a completely different enemy, but there is still the threat of potential food shortages in the months to come.

The borders are closed, and the migrant agricultural workers may not be able to cross the borders or simply fall ill. In such situation, the certain supply chains may dry up.

As a result of that many “patriots” around the world are using their backyard and front-yard for growing veggies and fruits, so that they can have a steady supply of nutritious food during quarantine time and as well as for the economically uncertain years to come.

Nurseries all over the world are selling out veggie seedlings and fruit tree saplings, and in Australia the sales have been tripled since coronavirus lockdowns started.

The founder of the new Facebook group Victory Garden Revival stated the following:

“The good old days are over forever. Skills not passed down to most of the new generations since World War II, will have to be resurrected for ourselves and others.”

If you are interested in growing your own victory garden click here.