Vitamin B17 is Banned Because it Helps in Cancer Treatment!

Apricot kernels contain vitamin B17 having great anticancer effects which potency has been confirmed by many world scientists. However, this knowledge is not published or in any way released as the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society and Food and Drug Administrations are trying to keep things quiet about this because it will greatly diminish their profits.

Even the doctors who used vitamin B17 as therapy in order to save people’s lives were prosecuted.

Nevertheless, some patients are willing to try this vitamin by themselves, and one of those patients is a lady who decided to save herself and started using only vitamin B17. As a result of its use her cancer was brought at a state of remission. But, when she stopped to take vitamin B17 her cancer came back right away.

Therefore, she declined the conventional treatments like chemo and again started to use vitamin B17. The results were amazing; her cancer was gone after 10 weeks of using vitamin B17. The doctors were not able to give any explanation regarding this prodigy.

Namely, she took 500mg of vitamin B17 two times a day, and all her tumors were gone having her body free of cancer.

Check the video below and find out more about this story.