Do You Wake Up Every Night At the Same Time? This Is What It Means:

Each person has its own internal system that helps him with the functions of the body. However, both the spiritual well being and the physical health are greatly being interconnected when the optimal well-being and health are concerned.

The Chinese medicine shows great importance to the patterns of where the energy is located in the body and its movements to different body areas at different times. In the 24 hours cycle the body gives different energies to different organs.

Waking Up Every Night

Waking up every night at the same time for a longer period of time suggests that some of your energy is either misdirected or blocked. This occurrence will hinder your natural cycle and balance, which is not a good thing for the body organs as they need a lot of energy so that they can function optimally thus healing themselves.

A list of related times and body organs

Many of these blockages need to be considered emotionally and physically. Yet, you need to review your eating times because this could be causing your symptoms.

9pm – 11pm – Between these hours most of the people are trying to fall asleep. This is the time when the endocrine system rebalances and the enzymes are recharged. The endocrine system is in charge of balancing the metabolism and the hormones. So if you cannot fall asleep then you are in a flight mode. Your mind goes through the past events of the day or you are anxious about the upcoming day and this causes tension that does not let you fall asleep. Therefore, you need to let go of the things that cause you tension.

Likewise, late consumption of food in the day or food that is difficult to digest may be the reason for these blockages as well.

11pm – 01am – Waking up in this period of the night may occur due to certain resentments you are carrying inside. In this time of the night the yin energy turns into yang.

The yang energy is incredibly active, and as a result of that the body needs to store it and keep it for the upcoming day. You need to remain calm in order to change the energy and be more loving and appreciative.

This is the time when the gallbladder is breaking down fats. You may be consuming too much oils or unhealthy fats.

1am – 3am – It is a vital time for the body to detoxify and renew itself. So, waking up in this period of time is a clear indication of anger, frustration and some other negative notion. Therefore, you need to release all these negative feelings so that you can easily continue your sleep.

This is the time when the liver is breaking down and releasing toxins, meanwhile producing fresh blood.

3am – 5am – This is the time when the lungs are being under repair, and when the body is flooded with oxygen. Therefore, secure that you are warm enough to assist in the facilitation of these bodily functions.

You can try some breathing exercises so that the body gets its needed rest. Lungs issues are commonly connected to grief and sadness.

5am – 7am – It is the time when all gathered toxins from the body are being collected during the whole night and then eliminated from the body. So, the large intestine becomes active and when you are on poor diet or consuming food late at night it can lead to issues like this.