WARNING: Be Careful of this DEADLY DISEASE That is Transmitted By Dogs!

We all love dogs, there are few people on the world who are an exception of this rule, and most of you treat them as family members. However, we need to be very cautious as they are the capital carriers of a deadly disease known as Leishmaniasis, or otherwise spelled leishmaniosis. This disease is very common in the Middle East and Syria. Aside the fact that it can be transmitted through pets, it can also come from flies and ticks. It is so dangerous that can cause bleeding from your nose, open wounds, and also cause breathing and swallowing difficulties.

Leishmaniasis is divided into the following types:

Cutaneous leishmanisasis is the most common type. At the bitten site anopen sore appears which will be healed in few months. However, in more serious cases the recovery period can last for a year and a half leavingunpleasant-looking scar. Furthermore, diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis causes widespread skin lesions which in appearance are similar to leprosy which are difficult to heal by themselves.

Mucocutenoues leishmaniasis type can trigger skin and mucosal ulcers by damaging the nose and mouth.

Visceral leishmaniasis— this is the most serious type as if not treated properly can result to death. Likewise, there are other consequences that can occur few months to years after the initial infection like damage to the spleen and liver, anemia, and fever.

The main carriers are dogs or a possible transmission can occur from flies and pests existing on dogs. We are all aware of the current situation with the migrants from Syria and the Middle East, so the risk of getting this deadly disease is very high, as the disease is most likely present also on our ground. Have in mind the fact that the symptoms of this disease can appear after few months or even years from the initial infection.

You have to know the fact that the main transmission is from dogs to humans, it cannot be transferred from human to human. Theoretically, this can happen, but only through blood transfusion. The highest risk factors are stray dogs. There is no need for a major panic as the disease is treatable, but the treatment is difficult and very long.

Syria is the main source for this illness, but due to the current circulation of migrants it is spread also to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. Turkey is the nearest country to Syria and there is a record of increased number of patients.