Warning: Eating This Common Food Can Give You Brain Worms!

Check out this disturbing story of a British man whose brain was infested by a parasite for about 4 years, and how to prevent the appearance of this type of worm.

After various medical treatments have failed to relieve or soothe his chronic headaches for about a year, a man from Briton aged 50 underwent an MRI to finally discover the cause that affected his brain. He was diagnosed with a tapeworm living inside his brain tissue. The doctors were in a complete shock, especially after confirming that the tapeworm crawled for 4 years in his brain.

The man was diagnosed with Sparganosis, a parasitic infection caused by the Spirometra erinaceieuropaei, flat worm infesting animals and humans. Infection with the Spirometra erinaceieuropaei is very common in cats and dogs, the worm can reach a length of 5 feet!

If it reaches the brain, the parasite can cause headaches and memory loss. It is also able to cause tissue inflammation.

Dr. Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas said the worm was moved from one side to another, but that very little had moved into the patient’s brain.

In the absence of a treatment against this type of pathologies, to effectively treat this infection, doctors had to operate the patient to be able to extract the worm surgically.

How to prevent infection? Here’s what increase the risk of spreading to the brain

Humans can be infected with worms in several ways, including pork consumption. The species found in pig meat are known as Taenia Solium, and can infect humans in two ways:

 – When you consume meat from an undercooked infected pork, this leads to the appearance of taeniasis, a flatworm that develops in the intestines of the pigs and can affect the human brain.

 – Coming into contact with the larvae found in pig’s feces or infected human can affect different tissues of your body.

Raw vegetables, undercooked fish, pork and beef as well as consumption of shellfish can cause the appearance of parasites and tapeworms.

If the larvae penetrate the nervous system, this can result in neurocysticercosis, a serious infection of the brain. If the worm invades the brain, the infection can even lead to epilepsy.

Some tips to avoid infection

– Clean and wash well your food (fruits and vegetables, but also meat, fish …). You can, for fruit and vegetables, clean them with a little baking soda.

– Try to cook meat well

– Please always consume clean drinking water

Source: consumehealthyfood.com