WARNING: Keep Your Children Away from This Drink! Here’s Why:

Mountain Dew is one of the most popular sodas especially among children thanks to its taste and overall sugar content.
Sugar can be very addictive and this drink provides that addiction which afterwards it is not an easy task to quit on. What is even more worrisome is the fact that most of the people who are consuming this drink have no idea what it can do to their mouths.
Here below is a list of the health risks that can trigger this drink:

  • Extreme reproductive issues
  • Neurological compromises
  • Development problems
  • Lack of immunity
  • Reduced fertility rates

These are only few of the enlisted health risks that can accompany drinking this type f soda. Yet, there is more to it, namely the ingredients utilized for the production of this beverage are really harmful that for sure will get you to some serious thinking:

Used ingredients:

  • BVO (banned in EU and Japan)
  • BPA
  • GMO corn and soy
  • Salt benzoate (this preservative strongly reacts to vitamin C in the beverage and forms carcinogens)
  • Yellow color (achieved as a by- product of the production of coal tar)

Believe it or not, but Mountain Dew is the third acidic soda after Coke and Pepsi. For a clearer picture the soda Mountain Dew has pH level of 3.2 while on the other hand battery acid has a pH level of 1. If this is not enough for you to prove you how harmful it can be we cannot specify something more plausible than this.

Let us conclude, Mountains Dew can cause severe damage to your health as it is a poisonous beverage. Moreover, any other soda contains harmful substances that can hurt you and cause serious health issues.

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