WARNING: This is Why You Should Never Drink Bottled Water Forgotten in the Glove Box of Your Car!

Often car drivers take a sip of water from a plastic bottle found in their car in order to quench their thirst. You are probably not aware but to drink this stale water can be extremely dangerous to your health.

In fact, the plastic bottles contain BPA (Polyethylene terephthalate) material that is used in the manufacture of many beverage and food packaging due to its light weight and strength.

However, when these packages are left at high temperature, such as a closed car, the liquid they contain heats up and when it comes in contact with the packing, releases the BPA chemical in the water. This chemical can cause hormonal disturbances in your body by mimicking the hormone estrogen. It is also highly toxic to your cells and is implicated in the development of cancer and especially breast cancer. Indeed, this is the most common cause of the high levels of dioxin found in the tissue of the breast cancer. The famous singer Sheryl Crow says that bottled water was the cause of her breast cancer.

Do not keep your plastic bottles in the fridge for too long as they release dioxins in the water. Also, do not heat your dishes in the microwave in plastic containers. This is especially true for foods containing fat. The combination of fat, high temperatures and of plastic, releases dioxins in the food. Instead use ceramic or glass containers.

The next time you find an old plastic bottle filled with water in your car do not take a sip!