WARNING!! Do Not Eat This Part Of The Chicken!

Chicken wings areeveryone’s favourite meal or sometimes a snack. However, it turns out that that part of the chicken’s body is the worst part especially for the female population. Please continue to read and acquire additional information which will help you to save your health.

There was a recent case where a female person has had some type of growth in her womb and thereby she underwent a surgical treatment for a cyst removal. When the procedure was finished,the doctors found out that the cyst was filled with darkcoloured blood. After the surgery was finished and the appropriate recovery time has finished the lady still did not feel well.  Therefore, after couple of months she visited her gynecologist for a consultation.Her doctor started to inquire about her eating habits and by her current condition knew that she quite often consumed chicken wings. The reason for her bad health was the frequent use of chicken wings; this fact astonished the female patient.

Namely, all around the world chickens are injected with steroids in order to accelerate their development so that the requirements of the mass consumption society can be satisfied. The steroids are injected in the chicken’s neck or in the wings by which the highest concentration of steroids are in these chicken’s parts.

 These steroids have terrible impacts on the body, especially on the female body, as it accelerates cyst’s growth. They have also great impact on hormones which make female body more prone to cyst growth in the womb and the breasts.Later in life it can cause more damage to the female health and well-being.

So, even though, chicken wings are very tasty, ladies please beaware of the negative effects and try not to consume it or if you cannot resist consume it moderately.

Sources: myhealthylifeguru.com