Warning! DO NOT Use Apple Cider Vinegar in These Situations…

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is so frequently used in every day’s life that most of the times we have it in our kitchens. Even though, there are many existing benefits of the use of this compound do not take it for granted and do not use it all the time as there are harmful instances.

Here below, we shall specify the situations where apple cider vinegar shouldn’t be used:

  1. ACV contains acidic property; therefore do not use it on waxed surfaces as it will remove the wax. If you have just polished your car, the wax will be gone instantly by using this ingredient. Yet, this house hold ingredient will really come handy to you if you want to remove an old layer of wax before applying a fresh layer of polish.
  2. ACV is not utilized for marble countertops or other stoneware, as the stone will start to pit and corrode.
  3. Likewise, delicate screens such as laptop or smartphone screens should not be cleaned with ACV as it can stripe off the existing thin layer of oleo phobic coating on these appliances which are put there to reduce fingerprints and smudges.
  4. ACV is also not used as a cleaning agent for cast iron and aluminum as they are reactive surfaces. When cookware is concerned, use this household ingredient for cleaning pans and pots made out of stainless steel or enameled cast iron.
  5. By all means avoid mixture with bleach and vinegar as it is highly dangerous because it releases chlorine gas. Namely, this mixture was used in World War I for clearing the trenches.
  6. ACV must not be used for pest-infected plants as it will kill the perfect weed.
  7. ACV is not utilized for cleaning egg residues because it will cause the proteins in the egg to coagulate. This will result in a gluey substance which will be very difficult to remove.
  8. Although it is believed that ACV is a great tool for removing mildew and mold, it really removes only the surface mils. Maybe you did not know but molds go deeper than what we actually see on the surface, therefore the best choice is deep cleaning till you get to the source of causing it.