Warning Sings Of Dementia That No Woman Should Ignore!

Dementia is a terrible and frustrating health condition which consequences are felt not only by the people who have it but also by their friends and family. Unfortunately, there isn’t still any proper treatment for this disease.

The term “dementia” correlates to over 100 kinds of mental disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and many others. This term covers all degenerative and incurable disorders characterized by a breakdown of the mind. However, the  most common form of dementia is the Alzheimer’s, incorporating 50 to 70% of all cases of dementia.

Nevertheless, it is of vital importance to recognize its early signs so that we can do something about it and postpone its progression. Likewise, there are numerous studies which can help us to understand it much better.

These warning signs can be easily detected but they should not be neglected so that you can help yourself as much as possible when this disease is concerned. They may appear as common routines like memory failure or misplacing time which can happen to anyone even more when you are overstressed or when experiencing hormonal changes. Yet, if this becomes a common thing then by no means you should ignore these signs.

Follow reading and find out the most common signs of dementia. This will substantially help you so that you can act on time and thus do something about it.

Warning Signs of Dementia

  1. Mood swings

These mood changes are common manifestation of dementia, especially in the early stages of the disease. These mood swings appear unexpected and unanticipated, then they can turn into depressed states of mind or completely losing the sense of what is happening at the moment.

  1. Repeating

Repeating yourself is a clear sign of dementia. For instance, telling the same thing or story for the second time, asking the same questions, or repeating a job that you have just done.

  1. Issues with short-term memory

Forgetting things like your keys from time to time is not something to worry about, but if this happens more often, then it is most probably a sign of dementia. People with dementia do not have any problem remembering something that happened years ago, but they cannot remember something that they have done the day before.

  1. Not knowing where you are

Understanding space is also an issue for people with dementia. For these people it is common not to recognize where they are, or having no memory how they got to a certain place.

  1. Having problems with choice of words

Not being able to find the right word and not to any specific word but to an everyday word is an indication of dementia. For that reason people with dementia have difficulties in expressing themselves and not being able to recall the words needed for the conversation which will normally slow down the ongoing discussion. This shows problems with the language centers of the brain but for the other participants of the discussion it becomes a rather frustrating thing.

  1. Writing problems

This issue is the same as the problem with finding words while speaking. People suffering from this disease have also difficulties in finding words while writing. Likewise, they have issues with focusing long enough to write a complete sentence.

  1. Concentration Issues

This disease causes also problems with concentration, particularly when there is a problem to solve or to make a strategy of its solving. For these patients it is really a hard task to deal with numbers, to plan something, or even to follow a strategy they’ve already made.

  1. Difficulty following storylines

Since it greatly affects focus and concentration then it is inevitable that people with dementia cannot follow steps or developments, like instructions of how to do something like a craft or something else, and in following story lines in books and movies.

  1. Lethargic notion

Feeling lethargic is also a sign of dementia which shouldn’t be ignored. Depression is manifested by lethargy meaning that people with dementia are losing interests in the things which were their favorite thing before, like having some hobby or completely losing the interest of going anywhere.

  1. Everyday tasks are becoming very difficult to follow

Something that was previously very easily done suddenly it becomes almost impossible to do it. Common chores performed every day start to be confusing and difficult to proceed.

  1. Understanding time is an issue

People suffering from dementia cannot also determine the time. Time is of no essence to them as they cannot make a difference between the minutes, days, and years.

  1. Sudden fear of change

In the early stages of dementia people are aware of the fact that something is happening to their brain which normally frightens them a lot. As a result of that they do not want to make any change not even a slightest one and desperately are trying to keep the routine so that they do not forget it later.

These signs can help you to early detect this disease which is very crucial for the people who have this disease. Early diagnosis and immediate treatment plan will substantially slow the progress of this disease and make life to these people more bearable. Sadly enough, there is still no cure for this terrible disease but with the early detection and with the right therapy and support it can be more easily handled.

Therefore, if you recognize these symptoms on you or to a person that you know immediately consult with your doctor and for more information, guidance, and support check the Alzheimer’s Association site.