In This Way You Can Cure “The Dowager’s Hump” Very Fast and Easy!

Today’s modern life is very busy and stressful. We are always in rush, busy, and spend lots of time in front of the TV or the PC. All these new modern habits have negative impact on our life. This article will reveal a condition known as kyphosis or “the dowager’s hump”.

The condition of the dowager’s hump is a state in which the ligaments of the spine are stretched constantly which put pressure on the bones in the same time on the same area. When this condition is mixed with bad posture that we have embraced for a while, it will result with limp-shaped hump on the top of the back. This limp-shaped hump over time turns into a curve which absorbs and accumulates fat.

How to eliminate kyphosis

Women are more affected by the dowager’s hump which makes their appearance not nice. One reason for such occurrence could be obesity. The dowager’s hump even though appears very slowly, you can reverse it. This article will propose some really effective exercises that will help you reverse the process. It will take you only 5 minutes per day.

Move your shoulders in circles

Stand up and straighten your back. Put your arms hanging at each side of your body and move your shoulders in circle for at least five minutes. You may also do it first with one shoulder then the other one.

Stretching arms and legs

Keep your hands and knees in parallel position while your posture is crawling. Raise your right arm and left leg for ten seconds and change. You should repeat this exercise for at least 20 times.

These exercises will help you strengthen your muscles but also stretch them. You will see the results in a really short period of time and you will notice the dowager’s hump decrease.