The Way You Close Your Fist Can Tell a Lot About Your Personality! Here’s What You Should Know…

We all do have some movements that make us unique, and we often do some postures that reveal a lot about our character. Obviously, the way we close the hand can tell a lot about us, our true character, and our relationships with others.

Fisting with the hand is a simple thing we all do, however it can reveal a lot about us. All you need to do is to close the hand as you normally do, and take a look at carefully.

Try to find the image that best depicts it from the ones below, and keep reading:

#1. All fingers above the thumb

What people think of you:
All people love your enthusiasm, and they enjoy your creativity and intelligence. Others think you are prudent and wise, and your life seems calm and harmonious.

Your real character:
You try not to hurt anyone, our soul is free, but you are quite peaceful. You love being with friends and loyal, honest people.

In love:
You want to be able to relax in your relationships. You are compassionate and even stay longer in relationships just not to hurt the partner. You avoid dramas and forget and forgive quickly.

#2. Thumb over your fingers

What people think of you:
You are charming and talented, and people like your friendliness. You have high self-esteem and are attentive and flexible.

Your real character:
Very often, you do not many things even if you are scared that others will hurt you. You do not like risks and have high expectations. People love you and you enjoy their company.

In love:
You do not forgive easily and past memories often torture you. You are afraid to open your heart because you are afraid to fail.

#3. Thumb Up to Index

What people think of you:
You are imaginative and intuitive, generous and friendly. You have a great sense of humor, so you are always surrounded by people. At times, you can be impatient and persistent.

Your real personality:
You cherish honesty and goodness, and you are a respectful and gentle person. Yet, people often try to make the take advantage of your kindness, however you easily spot them and see who actually cares about you.

In love:
You are reserved when it comes to love affairs since your priority is to follow your dream, to find someone who really loves you.

Are you surprised? This simple fist gesture revealed a lot about you, didn’t it?

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