We Are All Connected

Each human being is unique, although we are physically the same, our souls very much differ. We have our own beliefs, hopes, values, ambitions, and experiences in life, and that makes us different. But, there are people who we refer as to old souls, have you met one, or you are one of them?

If you are an old soul, then these issues are really close to you:

  • Problems fitting in, and feeling like an outcast

The reason for that is that you see things differently and do not follow the set standards for values and principles. This makes you feel like an outcast, but having an old soul is very rare, therefore you are very unique person.

  • Being wrongly labeled

Not many people can truly understand you, and thus labeling you in a wrong way. You are commonly categorized as a nonconformist or an oddball, and you may have nicknames like “hippy”, “age freak”, or “anarchist”.

  • Experiencing existential crises

You are feeling mentally and emotionally drained quite often, but you should turn to yourself and start loving and appreciating yourself more.

  • You have meaningful conversations

Small talk is not a thing for you particularly when it is trivial and superficial. You have good communication and verbal skills, but since you like to lead meaningful and deep conversations not many people are able to understand you and because of that they label you wrongly. You are significantly wiser for your age, and thus frequently being misunderstood.

  • Dating can be challenging

For you it is not easy to date as shallow flirting or playing games is not your thing. Hence, it is very difficult for you to find a soul mate that will fully understand you. But, if you want to have a partner in life you need to lower your standards.

  • Devoted activist or a volunteer

You always fight for a better world and because of that you are devoted volunteer and activist as your goal in life is to leave the world in a better place than it was before you.

Although you may not fit the mold according to the standards of many people, always remember that you are unique and incredibly valuable.

You have that inner sparkle that many others do not have, therefore make sure to keep it and never let anything or anyone to take it away from you.