Do You Wear a Bra When You Sleep? Read This Important Info!

Sleep is very important for our health, both physically and psychologically. During the night, our body releases its tensions and our cells regenerate. But when it comes to sleeping habits, opinion is divided. For women, the issue is whether it is necessary or not to wear a bra when sleeping.

Today, wearing a bra has become a habit. No woman would dare set foot outside without wearing it. It is true that the models available on the market are very pretty and add a more feminine touch your figure, but several medical opinions are sounding the alarm about the harmful effects of extended wear of this underwear, especially if its size is not really suitable.

When it comes to sleep, wearing the bra does not escape controversy. Here are the pros and cons to wear it at night.

Sleeping without a bra
Supporters of this idea derive their belief that wearing a bra, especially if it is tight or if it contains frames, impede blood flow and compress the breasts, including the lymph nodes and canals. It also prevents lymphatic drainage since the lymph stagnates, favoring the accumulation of toxins in the chest and increasing the risks of breast cancer. However, several studies have overturned this assumption, arguing that there is no relevant evidence corroborating the link between the wearing of bra and increased cancer risk.

But be aware that even if wearing a bra at night is not linked to breast cancer, it is still responsible for a temperature increase of the breasts, which, over time, is not beneficial and may even cause congestion. Moreover, sweating, caused by bra and rubbing during the night, can irritate the skin and promote the appearance of redness and itching.

Sleeping with a bra
As for the first case, people who prefer to sleep with a bra also have arguments to present. According to them, wearing a bra at night helps prevent and protect the breasts from sagging. This is partially true: Scientific studies have shown that this argument is valid for generous breasts, the weight and volume may bother during sleep. It is the opposite for the small breasts: not wearing a bra, tendons supporting medium and small breasts gradually firm up over time.

In cases where wearing the bra at night is recommended are the women who have undergone breast surgery, or who have just given birth and who pass through the milk flow period. The change therefore quite in the volume and weight of the breasts, breastfeeding or post-surgery, requires wearing of a suitable bra, which will help women enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

Anyway, if you decide to wear a bra during sleep or if you can’t do without, be sure to choose one made of cotton, not irritable to your skin and which will absorb your sweat to let your skin breathe. Moreover, it should be without frames and the right size – not too tight – to properly support your breasts without compressing them.