She Went to Bed With This Wrap: What Happened in the Morning Was Nothing Less Than a MIRACLE!

Maybe you are not going to believe it, but this technique has been proven to be one of the best methods to get rid of excess fat. In fact, the combination of plastic wrap and seaweed based lotions can really give amazing results to the process of weight loss.

Mrs. Coleen is a true testimony of what this technique can do to your body. This woman who has three children wanted to get fit after the three pregnancies that left very embarrassing marks on her body. She says her friends convinced her to try the weight loss diet using plastic wrap. She decided to give herself another chance.

In fact, her dream of having a flat and attractive stomach was stronger than any hindrance. So she went to the store and bought plastic wrap, seaweed lotions and bandages. Before going to bed, she applied the lotion to her stomach. Then she wrapped her stomach with a plastic wrap, but not too tight, because she would keep this overnight.

Lastly, she secured it all with bandages to keep it all in place. Finally, she went to bed hoping for the best.

“When I got up, I removed the bandages and the plastic wrap. I measured my weight. I was really shocked because I discovered that I lost 2.5 inches in a single night, “says Coleen, who never dreamed it could happen.

In fact, this method helps the body get rid of all water retained during the day through the sweat caused by lotion and plastic wrap. If you want even better results, you need to associate this method with a healthier diet and regular exercise to boost the weight loss process.