What’s the Key to Happiness? Stay Away from Assholes

The world in which we live in is based on energy and as you know there is positive and negative energy. However, the negative energy can really influence our way of living taking it to a complete reverse direction making everything upside down.

Being surrounded by toxic people can only bring negative things in life, but somehow you cannot escape from them as they are everywhere around us at the workplace creating bad atmosphere, criticizing, focusing on our failures, discouraging us to pursue our dreams, conflicting our ideas, and ruining our happiness.

So, every person knows that he or she needs to get away from people who send only negative energy and destroying everything that is around them. It is normal to change as that is common for every human being and if you are in a relationship that does not suit you anymore, then by all means walk away from it.

Here are some tips how to avoid toxic people:

  • In some cases you cannot complete exclude them from your life like co-workers or close relatives. But, you can prepare for your encounters with them by learning by heart certain lines and thus preparing the responses in advance.

  • If you are stuck with such people and there is no way to physically avoid then, then simply blow them off. Start to ignore them and since they desperately seek for an attention, in time they will get disinterested in you.

  • Have in mind that toxic people in the beginning are charming and very friendly, but there are always signs that will guide you. Try not to be near people who have a tendency of gossiping and talking behind other people’s backs because it is most likely that they will do the same to you. If they show aggressive attitude towards others, then they will also become aggressive towards you at some point.

  • In order to be free of any drama slowly but surely seize contact with these people and the relationship will go away by itself.

However, people can change so before making the final decision give these people one more chance, and if the behavior is repetitive, then there is no need for any attempt of making them better.

Here it is what attorney Athena Ponce says:

I’m not saying you should shun anyone with bad habits. But there are some people who become defensive, combative, and full of excuses when you point out obvious, severe lapses in judgment in attempts to help them….

If having to provide support for people who act this way causes you stress and never-ending frustration, it’s best to stay away. They have no intention of growing as people.”

In order to have happier and more fulfilling life, you should surround yourself only with positive and supportive people. These people believe in you and will always offer their support with cheers and smile on their faces. These people enhance our confidence and incite us to pursue our goals. An optimistic person has your back and always finds happiness in life which will be your aim as well.