When You Have a Strong Mother, You Grow Up to Be a Strong Woman

Family relations are very important in person’s life, especially the relation between a mother and a daughter. If it is strong and healthy, then it is a good basis for healthy development of a growing girl.

If the mother is a strong person, then it is most likely that the little girl will become one also. This has been confirmed by many researches stating that having a strong mother is the biggest precursor for a girl’s future success.

According to the findings of the executive coach and international speaker, Bonnie Marcus, the mother plays a great role in developing ambitions in girls. Namely, in 2015, she surveyed more than 600 professional women regarding their ambitions, and the strongest ambitions had the girls who self-identified with their strong mothers.

There have been many other surveys on this issue and the most comprehensive was the one of Keds and Girls Leadership involving 1000 teenage girls where 63% of the girls stated that their role model in life is their mom. The most interesting fact is that, contrary to stereotype, teen girls prefer more the support of their parents, particularly their mothers, than the one of friends.

The views of the strong mothers and their way of living influences the way how their daughters will perceive themselves in future and interact in the outside world. They teach their daughters to be self-confident and never to depend on anyone. Their daughters are being told that they can conquer the world on their own and thus survive in the cruel world. Although these mothers do their best to offer the comfort home life, they never forget to tell their daughters about the cruelty of the outside world. Therefore, they try to teach them the right stuff in order to get protected once they become adult persons.

In terms of relationships, strong women are well aware of the value of love life especially when it is true and real, and because of that they teach their daughter to immediately terminate a toxic relationship and always to keep people near them that appreciate them and value the same life principles.

If the mother respects herself, so will her daughter and she will never allow to be put down. These daughters know how to stand up for themselves and are well aware that crying and being depressed is not an option in life. They know that life is based on ups and downs, and when they are down they should get up and move forward.

Forgiveness is a virtue in strong women and they show their daughters the power of forgiveness. They advise their daughters to be benevolent and kind, but to a certain extent as finding the right balance is the basis of good life.

They tell their daughters that the world will try to put them in a certain box, but there is so much out there in the world and every person should find its role in it that makes him or her happy.

If your mother is a strong person, then you already know how important that was for you in your life. Your standards are set high and you are aware of your worth and value and there is no one that can undermine that.

Strong daughters can always rely on the support of their mothers which gives them an additional boost in pursuing their dreams and goals. Their mothers are their best friends, listeners, advisors who will be there for them for good.

The most valuable thing of a strong mother is when her daughter becomes a strong woman as well.