Do You Have a White Half-Moon Shaped Mark on Your Nails?! Its Meaning is Very Important!!

It is possible that you have already noticed the presence of a small white patch in the shape of a half-moon on your nails. This is called the lunule and we propose to discover what it means.

What is the lunule?

The lunula is positioned at the beginning of the nail; they usually form a half circle. The presence of this one is crucial according to the professionals of the health and in the Chinese medicine it is considered that its absence could reveal the presence of diabetes or anemia.

It is important to have a healthy lifestyle because dietary deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies, environmental factors and psychological trauma can influence the health of the nails.

The color of the lunula revealing disorders

Blue color

If you notice that the lunula is blue, you may be suffering from diabetes or Wilson’s disease, which is a disease that attacks the genes found on the 13th chromosome.

Red color

If the color of your lunula tends to get red it will be important to consult a doctor as this may reflect a cardiac pathology.

Yellow color

The yellow color reflects the presence of a fungus on the nail. To get rid of the latter you can apply a little apple cider vinegar to treat the fungal infection.

According to Dr. James F. Balch, the lunula found on each finger could correspond to a precise organ. The pinky finger would be connected to the liver, the ring finger would be with the kidneys, the middle finger would be connected to the intestines, the index would be connected to the circulation of the blood and the thumb would be the reflection of your state of health in general.

If you have a lunula on each finger then this means you are generally healthy.