White Patches on the Skin: 7 Possible Causes of Their Appearance

Have you ever noticed white patches on your skin? They are always a sign of a skin disorder. The reasons are many and can range from “simple” sunburn to a major health problem.

1. Sunburn

By itself, a sunburn can trigger a skin disease causing white spots or in the worst case lead to skin cancer. To avoid these risks, or at least limit them, avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours.

2. Fungi

In most cases, the skin is infected by fungi called tinea versicolor and the white spots are revealed when one is tanned. Young adults are particularly affected by this disease on the neck, upper back and can be visible under the breasts in women. White spots are often caused by sweat, stress or infection. Dermatologists usually prescribe a special shower gel that makes them disappear over time, but they can come back. So be always vigilant and watch your skin carefully.

3. Skin cancer

White spots are one of the symptoms of this terrible disease. You should always see a dermatologist if unusual changes on your skin appear. Discovered in time, it can be treated well. In any case, protect yourself against UV rays.

4. Lichen sclerosus

It is a chronic disease of the skin and mucosa which reveals white spots on the genitals. Other symptoms may include itching and pain during urination. To date, the causes of this disease are not yet known, but there are treatments (high dosage of cortisone cream or in the worst case, circumcision for men). It is very important to consult a specialist because this disease increases the risk of penile cancer in men.

5. Vitiligo

This chronic disease is a sign of an autoimmune disorder. Over time, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation die or stop working. White spots appear and extend over the body. In some people, Vitiligo is so advanced that the “normal” skin color is not even visible.

6. Inflammation

Sometimes inflammation leaves white spots. In these cases, the pigmentation of the skin can become misaligned over a long term. You should in any case go to the doctor and treat these inflammations before seeing those unsightly spots spread.

7. Eczema

The white spots on the skin are not directly related to eczema, but the fact of scratching will leave white scars difficult to remove.

Before you panic when seeing white spots appear on your skin, remember that in most cases they are benign and can be treated quickly. Always consult a specialist who will determine the cause and best treatment for them.