Whole Family Dies After Young Woman Makes a Simple Mistake in the Kitchen

Potatoes are the most frequent food worldwide. There are so many recipes made of potatoes in all cuisines that are inevitable in one’s menu. Likewise, they offer many health advantages to the body. However, there are cases where potatoes showed to be unhealthy, and even deadly.

If you are a person that keeps food for a longer period of time, then in that case you need to throw away rotten potatoes because of the following reasons, please continue reading.

Namely, in the case of Maria Chelysheva, a Russian 8-year-old girl, in 2014, potatoes have proven to be deadly. She became an orphan as a result of a batch of old potatoes that her family store in the cellar and had become rotten. Her family needed potatoes to prepare their meals, so her father went to fetch some. After a while he did not return, so next one went her mother, also did not return, then her brother, and last one her grandmother. Unfortunately, her whole family was poisoned.

The reason for all these numerous deaths was a substance called glycoalkaloid tracedin potatoes which under certain circumstances becomes naturally toxic.

This deadly chemical can also be traced in the poisonous nightshade plants. This chemical is extremely poisonous not only if it is consumed, but also when it is inhaled.

When potatoes rot, the concentration of glycoalkaloids in potatoes increases releasing toxic gas, which in the case of Maria killed the entire family.

Maria would have been the next victim of this deadly gas when she started to look for her family, but fortunately enough her mother left the door open so the gas had dissipated a bit, and left her alive.

This is really sad and devastating story which should be remembered entirely so that when you have rotten potatoes at home immediately throw them away, do not hesitate for a second. If you leave them, then it will lead to life threatening consequences.