Why You Should Wake Up Early Every Morning, According to Science

Early waking up in the morning can bring many benefits for your body and overall well-being. Since ages people have been aware of the advantages of rising up early in the morning and in those days many people had this habit as there were so many chores to be done. Nowadays people have become lazier and sleeping more in the mornings has become a habit for many people, but scientists recommend waking up early in the morning and thus gain so many benefits.

Several Reasons Why you Should Get up Early in the Morning

1. Productivity 

People who have the habit to get up early in the morning are more focused, disciplined, cooperative, persistent, and agreeable. All this contributes to better productivity. These people start the day with fewer distractions and their brain is recharged making them focused in planning their daily activities and performing them better and with more energy. Plus, they are always in a better mood than people who wake up later during the day.

2. Never skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day providing you with the needed energy for the upcoming day and preventing all those unwanted cravings that can make you fat and eventually sick. People who get up early in the morning have the time for this important meal of the day, and if it is based on healthy nutrients, then the benefits are numerous like lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, better mood, stimulation of metabolism, higher energy levels and weight control.

3. Good planning of the upcoming day 

Early waking up allows time for your planning of the day in peace and quiet. Good organization will prevent so much stress during the day as you will have enough time to finish everything without rushing all the time.

4. More energy

A good night sleep will offer higher energy levels during the day. This means deep-sleep cycles by going to bed earlier and rising up earlier. This will bring restorative benefits for your body by relaxing it thus reducing blood pressure, promoting the repair of bones and tissues, and stimulating the blood supply and the release of growth hormones.

5. Better sleep patterns

Early waking up contributes to better sleep patterns as you have your day planned in detail thus finishing everything in time and going to bed in proper time. Early-risers go to bed and wake up at the same time every day thus improving the quality of their sleep. You can also have this routine if you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Remember to apply that rule on weekends as well.

6. Boosted mental health and positive thinking

This is probably the best benefit of getting up early in the morning. Thanks to this habit you will be at lower risk of developing mental illnesses and disorders, protecting you from depression, and keeping positive thoughts all day.

7. Better brain function

You brain will recharge and its function will get enhanced by offering better memory, and concentration. Early waking up will boost your ability of critical thinking and problem-solving issues. Plus, you will be more creative during the day.

8. Feel and look much better

For sure your appearance will get significantly improved as no longer you will look tired and exhausted. Your body weight index will be lower according to the scientific researchers.

9. Higher grades and GPA

Rising up early in the morning will contribute to better grades and higher GPA average. Many studies have confirmed that those students that wake up earlier have persistently higher grades. The reason for that is that they have better time management and ability to focus and concentrate during the day. So, if you are still a student, then make sure to get up earlier for better grades.

10. Peace and silence

Getting up before the rest of the world brings many advantages and among them is for sure the silence and tranquility that you will experience. The day starts without traffic horns, loud voices, and music and that will offer you the needed peace to relax and be one with your thoughts. Enjoy the beauty of the morning, start the day in positive mood and thus enhance the oxygen levels in the brain, reduce blood pressure, improve mental health, and prevent a migraine.

A good night sleep is the basis for good health

Dr. Axe, states the following:

We have a natural sleep-wake cycle called circadian rhythm. By being in sync with that rhythm, we can easily improve our sleep. A regular sleep/wake pattern helps you feel refreshed and ready for your day.

Having good sleep hygiene is crucial, such as avoiding stimulants like too much coffee to prevent caffeine overdose, and we’ve all been told to get those electronics far from the bedroom — both for better sleep and to avoid nomophobia. Thankfully, good sleep hygiene combined with natural sleep aids can make all the difference in getting some body-craving restful sleep. “

Many scientists have emphasized in many occasions the importance of waking up early. Therefore, you should implement it for sure, and although you may find it hard to follow it especially in the beginning, the positive results will be more than obvious.

In order to help you to improve your sleeping patterns in this article we recommend the preparation of the following recipe. Its intake will help you to easily fall asleep at night thus making you to go to bed earlier and consequently waking up earlier in the morning feeling restful and ready for the upcoming day.

Natural Sleep Aid – Kefir with Turmeric and Cinnamon

Here is the recipe:

Needed Ingredients:

  • A cup of goat’s milk kefir

  • Half a teaspoon of ground turmeric

  • Dash of cinnamon, according preference

  • Dash of nutmeg, according preference


Pour the kefir in a mug and then add the turmeric. Mix everything nicely and after that include the cinnamon and nutmeg.


You should drink it prior bedtime. If you prefer this beverage warm, be careful not to boil it because it will lose its useful probiotics. However, the heating will not cause the loss of its natural sleep aids, and as well as the nutrients like calcium, and magnesium.